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Fun fact, The Walking Dead is shot in Georgia

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The Walking Dead is shot on location in Georgia and surrounding areas, staying true to the world of the story that has been established in the books.

The Walking Dead graphic books debuted in 2003. Seven years later in 2010, the television series made its premiere. In the 11 years since its television premiere, the show has gone on to be the most-watched television series in basic cable history. The accolade comes as the show is set to broadcast its final season in the coming year.

The show is premised on the story of a cop in rural Georgia who wakes up in a hospital in Atlanta. There, he discovers that the world as he knows it has ended, and he is set to experience Walkers for the first time. Walkers are the dead reanimated. The cop then sets out on a search for his wife and son, in the hopes that they are still alive. On his journey, he meets other survivors that he travels with.

Seeing as the setting is stated as Atlanta, The Walking Dead is shot on location in Georgia, in cities including Atlanta, Senoia and other surrounding areas. The series utilizes actual location shoots to bring the world established by the graphic books to life. These include locations like the King County, Harrison Memorial Hospital, and the family homes are located in downtown Senoia.

In light of the use of the actual locations, this has positively impacted the surrounding cities. This is as fans of the show travel to the state in order to physically see the locations and experience the world of the story they love so much. Moreover, the use of Georgia, specifically Atlanta, has become a popular filming site, more so with Tyler Perry Studios being located in the city.

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