Ghosts: Can Jay see the ghosts?

Even after Jay wakes up from falling to the basement in a similar way that Sam did in the first episode, he still cannot see the ghosts.

The premiere of the second season of Ghosts was even more successful than the first and this is likely attributed to the interesting premise and humour of the show.

However, even though Jay took a fall at the end of the first season, he still cannot see the ghosts when he wakes up.

Why is Ghosts so popular?

Ghosts first premiered on CBS on 7 October 2021.This first season received high ratings and it even became the most-watched new comedy of the season.

The second season of the show started airing on 29 September 2022, and it received the same positive response, with the premiere episode garnering 6.15 million views. This was an 11 percent increase from the first premiere episode launch in 2021.

Critics and viewers agree that the continued popularity of Ghosts is largely due to the fact that the show is based on such an interesting premise and is funny enough to keep viewers entertained throughout.

Ghosts: Can Jay see the ghosts?

One of the reasons why the second season of Ghosts likely started with such a bang is because of the cliff-hanger question that has been plaguing fans since Jay’s fall in the season one finale.

By the end of the first season, Jay, who is played by Utkarsh Ambudkar and Sam, who is played by Rose McIver had been dealing with a curse that was placed on them and the bed and breakfast by Thorfinn.

This curse caused the floor to disintegrate and Sam and Jay to fall all the way to their basement.

Since Sam initially got her powers to see the ghosts after she took a similar fall in the first episode of the show, many fans, and apparently Jay himself, wondered whether season two would start with him, similarly, being able to see all of the ghosts.

The second season opens with Jay running around calling to all of the ghosts so that he can determine whether he can  see them after this fall, but, unfortunately, nothing has changed, and Jay still cannot see the ghosts.

Although fans were disappointed by the fact that Jay is still not able to see Pete, No Pants, and the other ghosts, the co-showrunners of the series, Joe Wiseman and Joe Port, have justified their decision to keep Jay out of the loop by saying that it is much too early in the show for this development and Jay’s inability to see the ghosts is central to his character and to the plot.

Why can Jay not see the ghosts after his fall like Sam could?

From the reactions of the show’s fans on social media after this first episode aired, it is clear that many people wanted Jay to get the same ability from his fall that Sam has to see the ghosts.

However, Joe Wiseman explained that the creators behind the show just felt like Jay not being able to see and communicate with the ghosts was such a central premise in the show, that it was much too early to break it only 18 episodes into the series.

The fact that Sam always has to explain to Jay what is happening has also become such a sweet aspect to their relationship and to each of the characters that it is simply too soon to change all of this already in the second season.

The relationship between Jay and the ghosts is a central part of the show

Many of the comedic moments in the show up to this point have involved Jay being the clueless one when it comes to the ghosts.

He often looks in the wrong direction when speaking to them or misinterprets their signals and this is part of what makes Jay’s character so compelling.

This also means that a central part of his character would be missing if he could suddenly just see and interact with the ghosts like Sam can.

Will Jay ever be able to see the ghosts?

When the creators of Ghosts were asked whether Jay would ever be able to see the ghosts, Joe Port was quick to point out that he think Sam’s ability to see the ghosts is quite unique.

Sam’s ability to see the ghosts is not something that is really supposed to happen in the world of Ghosts, in general, and this makes it unlikely that Jay will ever be able to see the ghosts, unless it is a strange circumstance where he can only see them for a few episodes.