Gigi Lamayne is in Zimbabwe to reconnect with her heritage

Gigi Lamayne is currently in Zimbabwe to reconnect with her heritage as the South African born rapper has a Zimbabwean lineage.

Gigi Lamayne, whose real name is Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney, recently took to her Instagram to share that she is currently in the capital of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo. Lamayne revealed through her caption that despite being born in South Africa, she is a Zimbabwean descendent. The rapper, has in the past, shared that she was born in Lenasia. However, after her mother left her abusive father when she was younger, she moved a lot and the two could not afford to live anywhere but their car.

This year, Lamayne has mainly focussed on the journey of self-discovery. She first accepted her ancestral calling and underwent her initiation process without informing the public until it was completed. Moreover, her visit to Zimbabwe is a continuation of her self-discovery journey. The matter of Lamayne finding her confidence has also been the biggest change that her counterparts have seen in her when they share their experiences of her evolution.