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Gigi Lamayne opens up to Pearl Thusi about her tumultuous childhood

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South African musician, Gigi Lamayne, sat down with host, Pearl Thusi, on BET’s Behind The Story, which saw her detail her tough childhood of living in a car with her mother.

In an interview with host, Pearl Thusi, for BET’s Behind The Story, which aired on Wednesday, 2 October 2019, Gigi Lamayne recounted the hardest years of her life, which resulted in having to support herself and her mother. The rapper explained that whilst she was in high school, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and was in need of around the clock care. Following her parents’ divorce, Gigi was left to be the sole caretaker and often found herself having to attend school with no lunch or textbooks. She detailed a time where she and her mother lived in their car for three months and would often use the toilets in a local petrol station to wash themselves.

She also touched on her father’s abusive outbursts as a result of drinking, sometimes causing them to fear for their lives when he threated to shoot them with his gun. Her relationship with her father remains strained, although she has committed to sending money to him every month, despite his threats to expose stories from her childhood to the local media.

Fans of Gigi praised her on social media for being so open and candid about her childhood. Sbongakonke Mbatha stated, “This episode really changed people’s perception of you. You’re strong and survived so much. One day, you will heal. When you cried, we all wanted to cry too.”

Watch the preview of Gigi Lamayne’s interview below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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