Gigi Lamayne styles her hair using hot comb from Uwinshair

Gigi Lamayne has shared a hair tutorial where she used Uwinshair’s popular styling product, the hot comb, to create a sleek and straight hairstyle.

Gig Lamayne took to Instagram on Sunday, 20 September 2020, to share a detailed hair tutorial with her followers, which showed them how to achieve a sleek and straight hairstyle. The rapper worked with a black wig from popular hair supplier, Uwinshair, which she further styled using a hot comb from Uwinshair as well. She began by brushing through the wig to ensure that there were no knots, and then used the styling equipment.

She then put the heat up to its maximum temperature, and combed through the wig repeatedly. She made sure to focus on the top of the wig, as it is the most visible area, and then combed through it with a normal brush, once again, to ensure that all sections were covered.

Watch the video below.