Gigi Lamayne thanks Nadia Nakai and Pearl Thusi for their unwavering support

On Monday, 4 November 2019, rapper, Gigi Lamayne, shared a reflective post celebrating her progress and achievements in the past year, following her depressive episode in late 2018.

The rapper posted a 14-bullet-point Twitter thread detailing her transformation in the past year, after actively deciding to fight her depression and choose life. The first post on the thread read, “Last year on 4 November, it nearly almost ended for me. I was in a dark pit with the wrong company, lonely, hurt and frustrated. What a movie my life has been. Waking up and realizing in that hospital bed that some things [have to] change.”

Gigi used the first half of the thread to detail the various abusive and tumultuous relationships she was involved in. In one of the posts on the thread, she reflected, “We need to accept the apologies we were never given. I bury the hatchet today. I was severely abused. That impacted on my work- but I’m thankful.”

In the second part of the thread, the rapper focused on her journey to healing and overcoming many of the challenges she faced. She listed all the accomplishments she has achieved this year alone, writing, “In 2019 we had the Amsterdam tour, The Gigi Gang Show, the Presidential inauguration and also, a really cool business venture I’m going to be announcing soon that gets everyone involved.”

She then focused on the upcoming New Year, claiming for herself that, “In 2020, bad friends [have to] go for you. Dream and passion killers [have to] go. Toxic abusive relationships [have got to] go. It’s time to live for you! I’d like to publicly thank a few people for openly supporting me when it didn’t seem cool for some of your [favourites].”

Some of the notable names she thanked included actress, Pearl Thusi and rappers, Reason and Nadia Nakai. After reading the thread, Nadia Nakai responded, “Reading this makes me cry! You [are] so strong! I can’t believe it’s been a year! It feels like yesterday for me! I love you Gigi.”