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Gina Myers shares benefits of Avon’s new Skin Reset Plumping Shots

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Avon launched the new Skin Reset Plumping Shots in early July 2020, and has enlisted beauty influencer, Gina Myers, to try out the new product.

Avon launched the new Skin Reset Plumping Shots in July 2020, which are said to result in firmer and plumper skin within seven days. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, 28 July 2020, Gina Myers shared a review of the product, further claiming to have worked closely with the brand on the launch of the product. According to the beauty influencer, Avon has created an original product through its Protinol technology, which is exclusive to the brand.

The Skin Reset Plumping Shots come in seven ampoules to restore collagen lost over the years. The shots include collagen one and three, and are said to leave the skin with an unmistakeable glow. Gina stated that she used the product instead of her regular night serum for seven continuous days to optimum results.

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Reposted from @gi_myers I have been the MOST excited to share this product with all of you! The brand new @avonsouthafrica Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots! THIS * is the main reason we went to New York with Avon – to bring you this beautiful little baby. Avon is knocking out a world 1st with this product as it contains breakthrough innovation with their PROTINOL technology* patented specifically to Avon. This brand new miracle in 7 tiny little ampoules restores your collagen lost in the last 7 years… in 7 DAYS. Consisting of both collagen 1 and 3 – all these powerful ingredients have left my skin so soft and glowy, more than it’s been in a very long time. Here are the pics. The final result first, then day 3 and day 1. You can see the difference immediately. You get 7 ampoules per pack*. I use this product in replacement of my serum at night for the 7 continuous days, just after cleansing and just before moisturiser. #Anew #25yearsofscience #Anew7dayReset #Anew7daychallenge

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