Ginny & Georgia: Does Georgia know who Joe is?

In Ginny & Georgia, it is evident from the moment that Georgia greets Joe that she knows that he is the boy who she met at the gas station.

Ginny & Georgia, as its name suggests, mainly focuses on the lives and relationships of Ginny, Georgia, and their friends and family.

One of the relationships that fans of the show got to see develop throughout the first two seasons of the show is the one between Georgia and Joe, who she immediately recognised from an interaction that they had when they were younger.

What is Ginny & Georgia all about?

Ginny & Georgia was created for Netflix by Sarah Lampert and first premiered on the platform in 2021.

The show follows the lives of a small family which consists of Ginny, a 15-year-old girl trying to find her way through friendships and budding romances; Georgia, the streetwise and twisted mother of the family; and Austin, who is the youngest member of the family, as they adjust to life in a new town.

The first season of the show was very successful, and the show was renewed by Netflix for a second season, which premiered on 5 January 2023.

Ginny & Georgia: Does Georgia know who Joe is?

The plot of Ginny & Georgia follows a few different stories throughout the first and second seasons. One of the ever-evolving sub-plots on the show is the evolution of the beautiful, but mysterious Georgia’s love life.

In the first season of the show, viewers got a glimpse of Georgia’s relationship with Kenny, her late husband who died under mysterious circumstances, as well as her relationship with Zion – Ginny’s father, who makes a brief appearance on the show.

Georgia also starts a new relationship with the local mayor named Paul, but fans have developed a real soft spot for the relationship that she shares with the Blue Farm Café’s owner, Joe.

It was revealed during a flashback in season one, that Joe and Georgia actually met at a gas station when they were younger.

The show’s creator, Sarah Lampert has confirmed that they hinted at the fact that Georgia immediately knew who Joe was during their first interaction on the show.

Georgia greeted him by name without even looking at his nametag, even though Joe does not catch on until later in the series.

Georgia later confirmed in episode nine of the second season that she definitely knew that Joe was the boy who had offered her a sandwich on that fateful day at the gas station all along.

However, she never confirms whether she shares his romantic feelings for her or not.

When does Joe finally figure out where he knows Georgia from?

Although Georgia may have immediately connected the dots in her first interaction with Joe at the Blue Farm Café, Joe took much longer to catch on.

Initially it seems like he might remember when he repeats his “no use crying over spilled condiments” line from when they were younger, but it becomes clear that he only really realises who Georgia is once he recognises the sunglasses that he gave her on Ginny.

Is Joe interested in anyone besides Georgia?

Overall, there is much less interaction between Joe and Georgia in the second season of Ginny & Georgia, even though the characters clearly share a special bond.

However, Joe’s character did garner the attention of fans of the show when he surprisingly had an affair with Cynthia in the second season.

However, it is later revealed that Joe pursued this relationship in the hopes that it would help him get over his crush on Georgia, but that it did not work.

What is next for Joe and Georgia?

Although Netflix has not released an official statement about the show being renewed yet, fans are hopeful that the second season will be as successful as the first, and that the show will get a third season, where the relationship between Joe and Georgia and other plot points can be further explored.

Ginny & Georgia fans have been very vocal about the fact that they would love to see the relationship between Georgia and Joe turn romantic.

By the end of the second season, it is evident that Georgia is very much in love with Paul. However, Sarah Lampert has also stated that the events between Georgia, Joe, and Cynthia in this season has laid the groundwork for important plot points in the future.

This means that there may still be hope for a romantic relationship between Joe and Georgia in the future if the show is renewed, and fans will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.