Gomora: Teddy is arrested for the murder of Mbongeni whilst covering up for Ntokozo

Wednesday night’s episode of Gomora saw Teddy taking the blame for the murder of Mbongeni, as a way of covering up for Ntokozo.

The latest episode of Mzansi Magic’s Gomora, which aired on Wednesday, 8 April 2020, saw Teddy being charged for the murder of Mbongeni. Teddy’s arrest came after he took the blame for the missing medal, as a way of covering up for Ntokozo, however, unaware of the implications thereof. Meanwhile, Thathi learnt who her true friends are when she hit rock bottom.

Viewers weighed in on  Teddy’s arrest, with many claiming that he should have been able to explain the situation before being handcuffed. Kris Mojela stated, “Teddy didn’t need to be interrogated because he was being cooperative. He just needed to be questioned, but the officer already had the assumption that he was in the wrong and hence, resulted in her forcing a false confession out of a scared teenager.”

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Gomora below.