Gomora: Thathi and Mazet debate how to conduct next hijacking

Gomora’s Tuesday night episode saw Thathi and Mazet debating how to execute their next hijacking, as Thathi believed that it was time to try new tactics.

Gomora’s latest episode, which aired on Mzansi Magic on Thursday, 14 July 2020, saw Thathi, Mazet and Mam’ Sonto gearing up to hijack Lorraine’s new car. As the day approached, Thathi and Mazet fought over whose method would work best, as Thathi ordered that she would be in charge going forward. Mazet claimed that it was best that they stick to their old method, as they have never been caught, however, Thathi believed that the police could be tracking their patterns from the past.

After much debate, they decided to follow through with Thathi’s method, which involved Mazet breaking into Lorraine’s car in the parking lot of a shopping mall. As they were unfamiliar with the proper procedure, Lorraine walked in on Mazet hijacking her car, causing the accomplice to knock her out with a gun, so that Mazet would be able to get away with the car.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Gomora below.