Grey’s Anatomy: Does Teddy forgive Cristina for Henry?

Grey’s Anatomy’s Teddy Altman never blamed Cristina for Henry’s death, but wanted her to say that he died, as Cristina could not bring herself to say it.

Grey’s Anatomy has shared multiple surprising doctor-patient love stories, like that of Dr Teddy Altman and season seven patient, Henry Burton.

Henry died on the operating table while Dr Cristina Yang was performing an operation on his heart, with Cristina initially not knowing that Henry was Teddy’s husband. His death came as a shock, but Teddy never blamed Cristina.

What is Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy is one of ABC’s flagship shows and the series holds the record as the longest running medical drama series in the history of television.

Created by acclaimed executive producer and showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, the 2005 original series’ premise is, “A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.”

Grey’s Anatomy: Does Teddy forgive Cristina for Henry?

During season eight, Dr Teddy Altman was married to baseball player Henry Burton, who in this season had a fatal tumour that was close to his heart, which caused him to cough blood as it created tears in his lungs and trachea.

As Teddy could not do the surgery, they asked Cristina Yang to, without revealing the identity of the patient.

After he died on the operating table, Cristina had to break the news to Teddy, but could not bring herself to say that he died until Teddy pushed her to do so. Though the news of her husband’s death was heart-breaking, Teddy did not blame Cristina.

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How did Teddy and Henry get married?

Teddy Altman and Henry Burton got married because Teddy proposed the idea after finding out that Henry was chronically ill and could not afford medical treatment because he did not have insurance.

Before actually falling in love, their marriage was one of convenience which eventually blossomed to a mutual love.

Did Terry ever get married again?

Teddy did eventually get married again to best friend and former army member, Owen Hunt during season 17.

Their wedding was a shotgun wedding held at the Emerald City Bar with their closest friends and loved ones present, following their initial wedding plans facing bad luck.

How many times did Teddy and Owen try to get married?

The third time’s the charm when it came to Teddy and Owen getting married. Their first attempt was during the season 16 finale, but Owen found out that Teddy was unfaithful.

After reconciling in season 17, their second try was a disaster as the priest was knocked down by a cyclist. The third time was an impromptu surprise wedding for Teddy at the Emerald City Bar.

Final thoughts

Grey’s Anatomy has kept fans enthralled with the ever-changing love stories of the surgeons and doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial for over 18 years and counting now.

Dr Teddy Altman is no exception, finding her first husband in the hospital, only to lose him a season later following complications in the operating room, when he was under the care of Dr Cristina Yang. Who initially could not bring herself to break the news.