Halloween Ends: Why did Corey help Michael Myers?

In Halloween Ends, Michael Myers seems to help Corey rather than the other way around as the new character was initially propelled as his “successor”.

Halloween Ends marks the conclusion of the David Gordon Green directed Halloween trilogy. Prior to the premiere of the slasher film, lead actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, was quoted as saying that fans may not like the events that take place in the film.

This is as Michael Myers does not play the title antagonist role in this film. This role goes to newcomer in the franchise, Rohan Campbell, who plays Corey.

Corey becomes Michael Myers’ accomplice as it seemed like he was being groomed to be his successor as Myers helped Corey with his murders. That was until the events leading up to the conclusion of the trilogy.

Is Halloween Ends the end of the franchise?

Halloween Ends was promoted as the end of the Halloween franchise, but it is unclear currently whether this is meant to allude to the end of the Halloween Trilogy by David Gordon Green or to the franchise as a whole.

This is as Green took over the directing reins in 2018 with the first direct sequel to the John Carpenter 1978 iconic slasher, which has made Halloween a franchise with 13 movies that did not directly follow the events of the first film until Green took over in 2018.

Green took over with Halloween, which took place four decades after the events of the first film.

Therefore, if nothing else, Halloween Ends is marking the end of the trilogy and if there is another film released in the franchise, it will be dedicated to a different canon in the franchise.

Halloween Ends: Why did Corey help Michael Myers?

Halloween Ends starts when a young Corey accidentally kills the baby that he was baby-sitting. Though he does not go to jail and is presumed innocent, most of the town of Haddonfield still treat him with suspicion.

His only close allies are Allyson and Laurie Strode as they recognise the hurt and pain that he has experienced.

One night, the bullies of the town push him over the bridge, where he is later dragged by Michael Myers who has been living in the town’s sewers for the past four years.

As Michael attempts to kill Corey by means of strangulation, the two share a connection as they look into each other’s eyes.

As such, Corey changes from the scared and reclusive bullied boy to an angry, blood-hungry killer who wants to emulate Michael Myer. Corey starts his own killing spree, with Michael accompanying him during his first few murders, like a guiding mentor.

But the wheels change when Corey lures Allyson’s ex-boyfriend to the sewers where, during the showdown, Michael is seemingly overpowered by Allyson’s ex.

But Corey then helps to kill the police officer, which seems to suggest that Corey and Michael Myers were both invested in building their twisted mentor-mentee relationship in the story. This matter changes towards the end of the film, though.

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Why did Corey betray Michael Myers?

Towards the end of Halloween Ends, there is a surprising twist as Corey, who initially wore a scarecrow mask as his own shape, decided to betray Michael Myers by taking advantage of his weak condition and taking his mask.

Corey seemingly wanted to take over from Michael Myers rather than just be his successor.

Corey explained himself and his actions by suggesting that he, too, believed that Michael was more myth than man, but after seeing his weak state, he recognised that he was just a man.

Some fans of the franchise believed that this discredited the myth that Michael was more myth than man, considering all the things he has survived in the past.

Did Michael Myers kill Corey?

After taking Michael Myers’ mask and assuming The Shape, Corey believed that he could complete what Michael Myers could not and was killing Laurie Strode.

Already anticipating this attempt, Laurie shot Corey on the shoulder when he broke into her bedroom.

But in his last moments laying on the floor fatally wounded, Corey seemingly came to the realisation that he was just a boy whose traumatic past had turned him into what he became.

This is as he smiled to himself, uttered the words, “If I can’t have her” to himself, and stabbed himself in the throat.

Did Laurie Strode kill Michael Myers?

Firstly, considering the mysticism surrounding the character, who knows if he will not come back in other Halloween movies if there are more.

But in the David Gordon Green trilogy, he seemed to have wanted to bring finality to the matter as after Corey’s death, Michael Myers appeared in Laurie’s house.

At this point, a battle ensued, which resulted in Laurie pinning Michael down with a refrigerator, and with the help of Allyson, the local police, and the community Michael Myers is hauled across town but he is put into a crusher, which leaves him a pulp.