Halloween Ends: Why did Laurie keep the mask?

Laurie keeps Michael’s mask at the end of Halloween Ends, as a way to remember that she has beat him and that she can now move on victorious.

The Halloween films have always been polarising but popular among horror fans, and the new Halloween Ends film is no different from the rest.

This final instalment is supposedly the end of the franchise, as it follows Laurie as she once again confronts Michael Myers in a final show-down, where she later keeps his mask a memento of her victory against him.

About the Halloween film franchise

Halloween Ends (2022) is the alleged final instalment and Jamie Lee Curtis’s final outing as Laurie Strode in the Halloween film franchise.

Although the original 1978 Halloween film by John Carpenter received somewhat mixed reviews, the following 13 films in the franchise have become cult favourites amongst horror fans.

There are many reasons why the Halloween films have remained popular over the years, but one of the main reasons is because although there are tropes, storylines and rules that stay important throughout all of the films, the films never become formulaic or predictable, even though they may re-hash some familiar storylines and character arcs.

Halloween Ends: Why did Laurie keep the mask?

In classic Halloween fashion, the latest trilogy in the series focuses on Laurie Strode as she tries to rebuild her life and cope with her decades-long battle with Michael Myers.

Customary to film tropes, the final film, Halloween Ends, has fans and critics split down the middle in terms of their polarised opinions about the film and whether this will truly be the end of the Halloween franchise.

Halloween Ends takes place over four years from where the previous film, Halloween Kills, left off, and follows Laurie as she writes her memoir about her life and her unending struggles with “The Shape”.

At the same time, the show explores the story of Corey Cunningham, who accidentally kicks the boy that he is babysitting off of a balcony and to his death, as a miserable end to a prank gone wrong.

Laurie’s granddaughter forms a bond with Corey throughout the movie, unbeknownst to her, he is becoming more and more like Michael Myers throughout the film, and he even fights with Laurie close to the end of the film.

However, what really impressed fans of the Halloween franchise about this latest instalment of the film is the final showdown between Laurie and Michael.

Fans have been waiting to see what the now more experienced Laurie, the original “Scream Queen” would do when she had a face-off against “The Shape” again and this fight at the end of the movie did not disappoint viewers.

Laurie, with the help of Allyson, managed to unmask and kill Michael and it was later revealed that she also kept Michael’s mask as a memento of her victory and personal growth throughout the events of the franchise’s films.

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Why would Laurie even want to keep the mask?

It is obvious that Laurie kept Michael’s mask as a trophy for the fact that she was the one that beat Michael at the end of their long feud.

At one point during this last fight scene, it seems as though Laurie will allow Michael to kill her, just so that this unending fight between the two can finally end.

However, after Allyson helps Laurie, they are able to overpower Michael, and Laurie ultimately wins this stand-off that lasted so many decades.

Therefore, the mask not only represents the fact that her struggle with “The Shape” is over, but also that she was the one to come out victorious at the end of it.

What is next for Laurie’s character?

Much like the rest of the town of Haddonfield, Laurie now needs to learn who she is, and what her life is like when she is not constantly plagued by the threat of “The Shape”.

She also finished her memoir at the end of the film, which indicated that she has moved on with her life and left this past behind. Like the rest of Haddonfield, she will need to start, finally, healing from all the traumatic experiences that she has had throughout the films.

What is the significance of the mask now?

The fact that Corey also puts on a mask to start killing and terrorising Haddonfield and its people in the same way that Michael did indicates that the “evil” in the town is more widespread than one person.

It can also be seen as a symptom of the town’s overall anger and fear that manifests into witch-hunts whereby they tend to make monsters out of people who have just made mistakes.