Halloween Ends: Why did Michael let Corey go?

The reason why Michael let Corey go in Halloween Ends is because Michael could see himself in Corey and he saw Corey as a partner for his evil.

Although Halloween Ends is the thirteenth film in the Halloween franchise, it is still uncertain whether this is truly the last Halloween film.

Halloween Ends has also shocked fans with the introduction of Corey in the story, who is bullied by the town. Since Michael can identify with Corey, he lets Corey go instead of killing him, and more evil ensues.

Is Halloween Ends really the end of the Halloween franchise?

Halloween Ends is the most recent instalment in the Halloween franchise, and it is also the last film in the trilogy of films directed by David Gordon Green.

This trilogy starts with the 2018 Halloween film, followed by Halloween Kills, which was released in 2021, and ends with the thirteenth film in the whole franchise, Halloween Ends.

This trilogy is a retelling or reboot of the older plotlines and timelines in the Halloween films.

Although the answer to whether this will truly be the final conclusion to the Halloween franchise remains uncertain, many fans are convinced that the ending of Halloween Ends opens up the opportunity for the franchise to continue with a new set of characters and new plotlines in the future.

Halloween Ends: Why did Michael let Corey go?

One of the main reasons why fans of the Halloween franchise are sure that the series will not end with Halloween Ends is that the Corey Cunningham storyline at the end of the film places renewed emphasis on the fact that the “evil” in Haddonfield is not just contained to Michael Myers. Not to mention Laurie’s completed memoir.

Throughout Halloween Ends, viewers are introduced to Corey Cunningham, who is ostracised and bullied by the town after a prank with the boy that he used to babysit goes horribly wrong and the boy ends up falling off of a balcony to his death.

The lingering fear and frustration of the townspeople over the fact that “The Shape” seems to have disappeared after the events of the last film lead them to cast Corey out and treat him like a monster.

What really came as a surprise to viewers is that Corey was eventually kidnapped by Michael later on in the film, but instead of killing Corey in his usual violent and gruesome way, he let Corey go.

The reason why he lets Corey go is because he sees all of the things that Corey has been through, while literally, as well as figuratively, seeing himself in Corey’s eyes.

This somewhat sympathetic reaction from Michael shocked many fans and is a significant plot point in the movie, but it is also an indicator of what may still come in future Halloween films.

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What happens after Michael lets Corey go?

Although there is still some debate about how supernatural Michael’s source of evil and his powers are, he does seem to see Corey as a possible successor or partner.

Whether or not Michael literally transferred some of his “evil” into Corey before he let him go is unclear, but Corey does kill one more homeless man and then starts bringing victims to Michael for him to kill.

Since these victims are usually linked to Corey in some way, it is clear that Corey becomes some sort of successor or partner to Michael.

However, this partnership is interrupted again when Corey steals Michael’s mask to start killing on his own and Michael simply snaps his neck in response.

What is the significance of Corey’s character in the Halloween franchise?

Corey’s storyline in Halloween Ends includes many Easter eggs that connect the film to previous films in the Halloween franchise, but this character’s significance goes much deeper than this.

Corey’s character is symbolic of the fact that Michael is not the only source of “evil” in Haddonfield.

This idea is also emphasised by the fact that Laurie mentioned in her memoir that evil will never really go away, but just change shape over time.

What does this have to do with the future of the Halloween franchise?

This idea that evil never goes away, paired with the fact that a new villain was introduced to the narrative with Corey’s character, and Allyson’s pivotal role in the final murder of Michael Myers in Halloween Ends, all point to the fact that the Halloween franchise may continue in the future.

As speculation goes, Allyson might be the lead instead of Laurie, and with that, a new “evil” may be introduced in the next films, which is why fans are so certain that this film is not the last in the franchise.