Heartland: Do Lou and Peter get back together?

Heartland’s Lou and Peter do get back together, but fans will not get to see the relationship fully in season 16, as Lou will take a break.

In 2021, when the top five most streamed television shows were announced, a surprise show featured that many did not envision making the list. This show is Heartland, a Canadian drama, which surprised many by being the fifth most streamed show of 2021.

Heartland’s premise, according to IMDb is, “A multi-generational saga set in Alberta, Canada and centered on a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times.”

Season 15 provided one of the most full-circle moments as Lou and Peter got back together. This has got fans excited for season 16, but their reunion might not be a major storyline in season 16 as Michelle Morgan, who plays the role of Lou, will take a break in season 16.

Why has Heartland been removed from Netflix?

Heartland has not been removed from Netflix. In fact, the show is one of the most watched series on the paid subscription video-on-demand streaming platform.

Netflix US has a deal with Heartland which stipulates that the latest season of the show is only made available a year after the conclusion of the season on television. As such, season 15 of Heartland is expected to be made available on Netflix US in April 2023.

Heartland: Do Lou and Peter get back together?

One of the beloved fan-favourite couples on Heartland is Lou Fleming and Peter Morris. The couple got married on the show, and by season eight, they started experiencing major marital issues.

The show took its time showcasing how the couple attempted to work things out, but Lou’s constant questioning of Peter’s dedication to their family eventually drove them apart.

The two signed their divorce papers in season 10 in an episode titled “Together and Apart.”

By the time of their divorce, their separation was mutual as they committed to co-parenting. In the subsequent seasons that followed, each of them pursued different relationships.

Despite this, the co-parents shared intimate moments, which fans held onto with hopes that the couple would reunite. But it seemed like it would not happen, as Lou found love again with Mitch Cutty.

But season 14 was the beginning of the show bringing the couple together again as Peter supported Lou in times of need when Mitch was absent. By season 15’s finale, Lou had broken up with Mitch and told Peter about her feelings for him.

Similarly, he told Lou about his feelings for her. Initially, they attempted to keep it a secret from Katie, but the couple finally came out with the truth and got the support of their family and friends.

What is next for Lou and Peter in Heartland season 16?

With season 16 of Heartland already confirmed, fans are looking forward to seeing what happens between the recently reunited couple. But fans may not get the type of storyline they expect in the upcoming season.

This is as Michelle Morgan has taken some time away from the show for the season, since she is currently on her maternity leave which she confirmed in an Instagram post in June 2022, to welcome her third child with her husband, Derek Tisdelle.

Michelle Morgan confirms giving birth to new baby

After taking a “brief” maternity leave from the end of June 2022, Michelle Morgan confirmed that she gave birth to her third child with her husband, Derek, on Saturday, 16 July 2022, which was also her forty-first birthday.

The post came a week after they welcomed their third born, Celeste, who was delivered through a home birth in a story that Morgan retold in part by explaining, “ She came so quickly we didn’t have time to get to the birth center, so she was born at home surrounded by her brother, sister, Dad, the midwives, my lovely doula Kerri and our nanny Sarah.”

When is Heartland season 16 coming out?

Fans of Heartland are aware that the show has been confirmed and that season 16 production is already underway.

More details have been released as the Netflix hit series is set to return. One television airing on CBC and CBC Gem, season 16 will air from Sunday, 2 October 2022.

Moreover, it has been confirmed that the upcoming season will have a total of 15 episodes. This extended number of episodes is more episodes than it has had since season 11 of Heartland, which had a total of 18 episodes.