Heartland: When do Ty and Amy get married?

Exploring the relationship of Amy and Ty on the Heartland series, what Heartland is all about and all the events that lead up to their eventual wedding day.

What is Heartland?

Heartland is a Canadian family drama series that plays on the CBC TV network every Sunday at 19:00.

The series is centred around written novels that were released by Working Partners in the name Lauren Brooke, and it made its television debut in 2007. It has since become one of the longest one hour Canadian dramas to be aired in the history of Canadian television.

The story is set on the family ranch called Heartland, which is where the series title is derived from.

It is filmed in Alberta and tells the story of Amy Fleming and her relationship with her family and the ranch hand Ty Borden, as well as her special gifts as a horse whisperer.

The story has managed to get five Directors Guild of Canada Awards for one of the best family television series and has also gained an average of 1 million viewers for each episode, airing in over 100 countries.

So, with the series telling the story of the Fleming-Bartlett clan through love, loss, betrayal, hurt, friendships, marriage and children, Amy Fleming and her mother are gifted with being able to train and help injured and abused horses by listening to them.

Amy found herself moving in with her grandfather at Heartland ranch, after the passing of Marion who died in an attempt to save a horse named Spartan.

Her sister, Lou Fleming, returned from New York, and together they mourned the passing of their mother and strive to save the family ranch from bankruptcy.

Amy started working with Spartan and improved on her horse whispering gifts, allowing the ranch to open up to more horses.

Ty Borden, who was a troubled man and was working for Marion, stayed on the ranch as the farmhand and became part of the family.

Heartland: When do Ty and Amy get married?

When Amy and Ty eventually got married, this all happened on the eighteenth episode of season eight. Their love story began when Amy allowed Ty to live on the family ranch, as he was on probation.

The two of them eventually grew close and became best friends, only to later find themselves falling in love.

Their relationship was definitely an imperfect one, as they hit some bumps along the road and even found themselves breaking up a couple of times. As the show goes on and they are obviously forced to work together with the horses, they made amends.

In that time, Ty gifted Amy with a promise ring in the third season of the show. On the last episode of the fifth season, Ty planned a surprise proposal to Amy, but unfortunately, he overheard her speaking about how they probably should not pressure themselves into marriage by tying each other down.

Upon hearing this, Ty was disappointed and made the decision to not go ahead with the surprise proposal.

At some point, while Amy was attending to Ty’s ringing phone, she came across the ring in his coat pocket and as season six began, they talked things through, especially about the ring and the prospects of getting married.

A few episodes after this, Ty decided that it is time and managed to ask for Amy’s hand in marriage, in which she accepted.

Later in season eight, they found themselves separating again for some time but worked things out when they managed to save a group of horses in trouble with ranchers who thought that they were a problem to the land they needed for their cattle.

In the end, during episode 18, Ty and Amy officially tied the knot.

A background on the character of Ty

Ty was once treated horribly by his stepfather who was abusive to him as a child. He was sent to a juvenile facility following him attacking Wade (his stepfather) for attacking his mother.

While trying to finish his probation, Amy’s mother, Marion, offered him a job on the ranch where his life began to take shape. From there, he went on to complete a diploma to become a vet.

Ty dated Kit Bailey, who is a cowgirl before he realised that he was in love with Amy and admitted this to her.

Amy and Ty got married at the end of season eight of the Heartland family drama, and their love story is one filled with all the good and bad that comes with the thrill of love, but in the end, their love wins.