Hell’s Kitchen season 12: Where are they now?

Hell’s Kitchen season 12 winner, Scott Commings, capitalised on his win, opening his own restaurant; we look at where the rest of the contestants are today.

The Food Network’s Hell’s Kitchen is the cooking competition reality show which not only marked the beginning of the working relationship between Ramsay and the network, but was the first show that Gordon Ramsay successfully produced on the channel.

He went on to front other popular reality format shows like MasterChef US and Kitchen Nightmares.

First premiering in 2005, there have been ample seasons with quality content and memorable aspiring chefs looking to make a name for themselves.

In this article, we look back at season 12 and where the contestants are now, especially the season’s winner – Scott Commings.

What is Hell’s Kitchen?

Hell’s Kitchen first premiered on the Food Network in 2005, and the show marked the first popular cooking competition reality format show produced and fronted by chef Gordon Ramsay.

The show introduced the fiery and no-nonsense personality of the British chef to the world.

The premise of the show is, “World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services at his restaurant in Hollywood, ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’”

The show has 22 seasons so far, and there are no signs of it stopping as it remains one of the most popular shows on the FOX Network.

Hell’s Kitchen season 12: Where are they now?

Hell’s Kitchen season 12 aired between March 2014 and July 2014. The season featured Gordon Ramsay as the head judge and host, with Jean-Philippe Susilovic as the maître d’, Andrea Van Willigan as the red team’s sous chef, and James Avery as the blue team’s sous chef.

The season had 20 professional chefs vying for the ultimate win. At stake was the title of season 12’s Hell’s Kitchen winner, and a chance to work as the head chef of Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill in Caesars Palace at Las Vegas.

The winner of the season was Scott Commings. Following his win, the former executive chef from Woodstock, Illinois, took the position as head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace.

After this, he worked as an executive chef at Freedom Beat at The Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino. Later, Scott opened and co-owned a catering company called BLT Foods Las Vegas. In 2018, he opened The Stove in Las Vegas, which is still operational.

Runner up, Jason Zepaltas, was returning to the show for the second time after his initial season nine feature. After the show, he continued working in the kitchen, which included a regular feature at Driftwood Inn.

Now, we take a look at where the rest of the eliminated contestants are now below.

Hell’s Kitchen season 12 bottom 18: Where are they now?

Melanie Finch was eliminated in episode 19, but was allowed to keep her jacket due to her performance in the season.

Following her appearance, Finch went on to be the sous chef at the Local Peasant before moving to The Front Yard, located in the Beverly Garland Hotel. Currently, she is reportedly working at The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey.

Rochelle Bergman was eliminated in episode 19. Following her elimination, she returned to being a catering chef, hosting occasional cookery demonstrations.

Joy Parham-Thomas, the kitchen supervisor, was the only contestant of the season who quit due to an argument with Gordon Ramsay in episode 18.

After quitting, she returned to running her co-owned catering company Urban Country Culinary Concepts, while also offering private chef services at The Food Lab.

Kashia Zollicoffer was eliminated in episode 17, following her temperamentality during the service. After she went home, Kashia opened her own restaurant, called Urban Country Kitchen. She also released a cookbook called Cooking is My Therapy.

Michael Gabriel was automatically eliminated in episode 16 after serving raw salmon during the service. Since then, he has worked as a private chef and owns a food truck.

He also redeemed himself winning Cutthroat Kitchen and being 2018’s Taco Takedown Champ.

Anton Testino was eliminated in episode 14 mostly due to his inflated arrogance. After Hell’s Kitchen, he opened a restaurant called Axtons.

He also co-owns the restaurant – Donna’s Pizza, as well as running a catering company that offers culinary demonstrations.

Hell’s Kitchen season 12 bottom 12: Where are they now?

Richard Mancini was eliminated in episode 13 when his behaviour did not reflect his experience. Following his elimination, he went on to become an entrepreneur releasing his own line of pasta sauces.

Moreover, he continued to work as a private chef offering cooking classes and private chef services. He also helped in the launch of Primo restaurant.

Sandra Flores was eliminated in episode 12, and after the show, she competed in various cooking competitions.

Ralph Johnson was eliminated in episode 10 when he failed to take accountability. Following his appearance on the show, he became a sous chef, before becoming the executive chef at the Straw Hat Restaurant.

Jessica Vogel was eliminated in episode 10. After the show, she went on to become an executive chef at the Black Rebel Burger.

Moreover, she became a blogger sharing her recipes. Unfortunately, she was confirmed to be dead in August 2018, allegedly from heart failure.

Bev LazoGonzalez was eliminated in episode eight. After she was eliminated, Bev initially returned to her food truck while hosting cooking demonstrations and pop-up events, but she has since opened her own restaurant called Fiesta Adobo.

Chris Eversole was eliminated in episode seven, in light of apparently wasting ingredients. Following his appearance on Hell’s Kitchen, Chris has since become a crypto currency trader.

Hell’s Kitchen season 12 bottom 6: Where are they now?

Beth Taylor was eliminated in episode six, because of her lack of confidence and leadership skills. Since her appearance, she became a private chef, and runs her own catering business.

Michael DeMarco was eliminated in episode five after failing to improve in his performance. After the show, he reprised his position as the executive chef at Churchill’s Pub Savannah.

Mike Aresta was eliminated in episode four mostly due to his lack of contribution. Following Hell’s Kitchen, Mike returned to being a chef instructor.

Simone Hammond voluntarily left the show in episode three. Following her departure, she worked as a chef at Gustav International Catering. Now she works as a private chef at Newport Domestics.

Nicole Rutz was eliminated in episode two. After her elimination, the chef returned to baking, appearing to have remained in this career.

Gaurav Navin was eliminated in episode one because of his attitude. After his appearance on the show, he became a senior executive chef before working as the resident district manager for Chartwells, Carnegie Mellon University’s primary dining vendor.

Final thoughts

Hell’s Kitchen is the cooking competition reality format show that gives new and young chiefs the opportunity to learn from one of the best culinary experts in the industry to date, Gordon Ramsay.

For fans, however, it is about watching the fiery personality try and manage the competing kitchens.

Season 12 of the show, which aired between March 2014 and July 2014, had a total of 20 contestants. The winner was Scott Commings, but tragically one of the season’s alumni, Jessica Vogel, has since passed in 2018, reportedly due to heart failure.