Hell’s Kitchen season 17: Where are they now?

Hell’s Kitchen’s season 17 was the last All-stars season, which saw Michelle Tribble take the winning title, together with her head chef position at Caesars Palace’s Hell’s Kitchen.

A fun fact about season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen is that it is the most recent All-stars Hell’s Kitchen season, as the show halted production following season 20, due to the pandemic and restrictions it levelled on the hospitality industry.

The season saw previously eliminated contestants from earlier seasons return to achieve their dreams of being titled the winner of Hell’s Kitchen.

While not everyone won, they all used their return to the series to continue to advance their already established career paths.

What is Hell’s Kitchen?

Gordon Ramsay is the face and stands as one of the executive producers of the popular cooking competition reality-format show Hell’s Kitchen.

First airing on FOX Network in 2005, Hell’s Kitchen aims to give young, talented chefs the opportunity to experience working in a demanding professional kitchen environment.

The premise of the series is therefore, “World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services at his restaurant in Hollywood, Hell’s Kitchen.”

Up for grabs, is a chance to work as the head chef for one of Ramsay’s restaurants.

Hell’s Kitchen season 17: Where are they now?

Season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen was the All-Stars season which saw 16 previously eliminated chefs return to prove that this time they deserve to win the title, and the chance to become the head chef at Caesars Palace’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay was the resident judge, Christina Wilson was the sous chef for the red team, James Jocky Petrie was the sous chef for the blue team, and Marino Monferrato was the maître d’.

After coming in third place during season 14, Michelle Tribble returned to Hell’s Kitchen and won season 17, taking up the head chef position at Caesars Palace’s Hell’s Kitchen shortly after.

Runner up, Benjamin Knack, who was the second runner up during season 7, went on to become a private chef after season 17.

Below we share the rest of the journeys of the eliminated contestants in descending order from their eliminations and what they are doing now.

Nick Peters Bond initially came in fifth on season 14 and was the second runner up for season 17. He has since become the co-founder and executive chef of catering company Kitchen to Aisle Catering & Events.

Emili “Milly” Medley might have been eliminated fourth during season 17, but he received the opportunity to work for Ramsay at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Atlantic City.

Season 10 returning All-Star, Robyn Almodovar might have not been ready to lead a kitchen during season 17, but after her elimination, she returned to running her gourmet food truck, Palate Party.

She also briefly co-owned Rumors Bar and Grill in Wilton Manors, which she was also the executive chef of.

Similarly, returning season 9 contestant Jennifer Normant also returned to her position of being the executive chef at Sea Level Oyster Bar.

Season 17 bottom 10 contestants: Where are they now?

Elise M Harris was returning to the show after she came in third place on season nine. After her elimination, she would feature regularly on cookery shows and diversified by going into health and fitness, starting a meal delivery service.

Dana Cohen came third during season 10, and after her elimination in season 17, she returned to her previous occupations including being a corporate marketing chef at Unilever Food Solutions, personal trainer and personal chef.

Barbie Marshall was returning after coming in fourth place in season 10, and after her elimination in season 17, she returned to being a private chef and restaurant consultant.

Vincent van Hurd was returning after being eliminated sixth in season six. Following his elimination, he first returned to his position as executive chef at Taino Smokehouse.

However, since then, he has become the executive chef at Riverhouse Catering and Perfectly Prepared.

Amanda Manda Palomino came in fifth in season 15, and following her elimination from season 17, she initially returned to her position as the manager of CupKing café. However, in light of the pandemic, she had to make the classes virtual.

Season 17 first eliminated five: Where are they now?

Giovanni Filippone came in sixth in season five, and after placing worse than his previous season, Filiponne went on to become the executive chef at Mama Clemenzas in November 2019.

Jared Bobkin was part of the top four of season 15, after his disappointing return in season 17, he would work as an executive chef for a number of years before becoming culinary director of Flavored Nation which offers pop-up dining experiences.

Josh Trovato came in fifth in season 15. Although after his season 17 elimination he would work as a part-time bartender and private chef, Trovato’s popularity is as a health and fitness guru.

Ashley Nickell surprisingly placed higher than Trovato during season 15, making it as second runner up. Following her elimination, she went on to cook at Parkview House, and still offers private chef services.

Ben Walanka was returning after coming in fourth in season five. In his return season, we never got to see his potential as he was eliminated due to concerns over his health issues.

Thereafter, he returned to his role as chef de cuisine at Ameristar Casino in Kansas City.

Final thoughts

Hell’s Kitchen season 17 is the last season to date which has featured an All-Star cast of returning contestants that were close to winning. Therefore, the season was filled with upsets and high intense moments.

Michelle Tribble would go on to not only win the title of Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars, season 17, but she would also go on to work for Gordon Ramsay as an executive chef with an estimated paycheque of $250 000 annually.