Here is why Thembi Nyathi’s private sessions are elusive

If you were looking to book private sessions with Thembi Nyathi, below are reasons why you might not be amongst the lucky few who are chosen.

Thembi Nyathi is arguably the most popular medium and spiritual guide in South Africa currently. Mostly, this is credited to the fact that she is part of the Moja Love channel family.

As a result of her popularity, the public is clamouring to have private consultations with Thembi Nyathi. Though this is not as easy as it sounds considering the medium’s non-existent social media presence and inconsistent contact details.

How did Thembi Nyathi become so famous?

Thembi Nyathi garnered national recognition following the 2020 premiere of her hit reality-format show on Moja Love, Dloz’lami.

Fans were captured by the spiritual guide’s no-nonsense attitude and sometimes confrontational method of revealing the truth about hidden family secrets and attempting to work with the families to begin their journey to healing and closure.

Here is why Thembi Nyathi’s private sessions are elusive

When it comes to the premise of Dloz’lami, it is evident that throughout the three-year run of the show, Thembi Nyathi really does help the families in need, especially in line with traditional healing.

Her intervention functions as the beginning of the healing work for the family, rather than a magic wand that resolves everything in one day or in an episode. This representation has inspired many to seek Nyathi’s intervention.

However, most people are not comfortable with appearing on television, hence the continuous calls from the public for Nyathi and the team to share her contact details for private consultation sessions.

However, this is easier said than done, considering her non-existent social media presence and the inconsistency of her contact details.

Does Thembi Nyathi have social media accounts?

Despite the fame she has garnered being the host and face of Dloz’lami, Thembi Nyathi does not have any official social media accounts, but there are numerous fake social media accounts created in her name, some with significantly large followings.

Be aware, all these accounts are fake and seek to scam unsuspecting victims.

How do I contact Thembi Nyathi?

Following the slew of public outcry regarding the numerous fake accounts that have profited from scamming members of the public, a video of Thembi Nyathi was circulated in October 2021, confirming that she does not have any active social media accounts.

Moreover, in the video she shares “protected” contact details for booking a private session.

How much is a consultation with Thembi Nyathi?

Thembi Nyathi has revealed that she does not charge more than R500 for a consultation. Moreover, the medium confirmed that she only charges the person after the consultation and no one pays a deposit to secure a consultation.

However, the contact details that she shared allegedly now go straight to voicemail, suggesting a possible disconnection.