Here’s who Meredith ends up with on Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith and Nick’s relationship may have been touch and go in season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, but the couple did eventually end up together again.

Grey’s Anatomy has followed the personal- and professional life of Meredith Grey closely ever since the show’s first season.

And even though Meredith left the series at the end of its 19th season, she did have time to cement her relationship with Nick just before the credits rolled.

Meredith Grey’s Grey’s Anatomy timeline

Meredith Grey’s various personal and professional struggles and victories have always been at the center of Grey’s Anatomy’s incredibly gripping narrative.

Over the years, fans of the show have followed along as Meredith (who is played by Ellen Pompeo) went from medical intern, to Chief of General Surgery eventually, and so much more.

And even though the rest of the Grey’s Anatomy cast has come and gone over the years, it took until the 19th season for Meredith to finally bid the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital adieu.

Here’s who Meredith ends up with on Grey’s Anatomy

Despite her best efforts, Meredith has never really had the best luck in the romance department.

And, after she had to say goodbye to Derek Shepherd in Season 11 of the series, Meredith’s grief was so overwhelming that it almost seemed that she would never get involved in a serious relationship ever again.

Of course, all of this changed when Meredith met Dr. Nick Marsh (played by Scott Speedman) in season 14.

It may have taken about four seasons for Nick and Meredith to truly hit it off, but there is no denying that they have an obvious chemistry.

However, in true Grey’s Anatomy melodramatic-fashion, the relationship between Meredith and Nick was put to the test at the end of season 18, when Meredith told Nick that he should move back to Minnesota without her.

Meredith and Nick’s long-distance relationship took yet another hit when Meredith decided to move to Boston in season 19.

By this point, the news had already began spreading that Pompeo’s titular character would be leaving the series at the end of the 19th season and Nick and Meredith’s continued struggles made it seem like Meredith may just end up single at the end of it all.

However, things can never be quite as simple and at the very end of a whirlwind of a finale episode, Meredith gets to explain to Nick that Michael is just Zola’s tutor and Nick professes his love for Meredith, once again.

And by the end of it all, Meredith and Nick end things off with a passionate kiss. This means that against all odds, Meredith does end up with Nick at the end of the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Why did Ellen Pompeo leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Ellen Pompeo took to Instagram to announce her official departure from the Grey’s Anatomy series regular cast on November 17, 2022.

Although this decision may have come as a shock to many longtime fans of the show, it does not seem like Pompeo left the show with any hard feelings.

She revealed in an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show that she decided to leave the show because she simply felt like she needed to “mix it up a little bit” after so many years of being on the same show.

Will Grey’s Anatomy end now that Meredith is gone?

Ellen Pompeo has become so synonymous with Grey’s Anatomy throughout the years that it is difficult to even imagine what the series would be like without her.

Not only did she play the iconic Meredith Grey for over 400 episodes on the show, but she was also one of the executive producers for Grey’s Anatomy behind the scenes.

Although Pompeo’s exit from the series had fans worried that the show may be ending for good, ABC has already renewed Grey’s Anatomy for a 20th season.

Everything you should know about Grey’s Anatomy season 20

Pompeo’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy has certainly ushered in a new era for the series.

ABC has already confirmed that Grey’s Anatomy will be coming back for a 20th season, and although the network has not released its official timeframe for this season just yet, it has confirmed that Meg Marinis will be taking over to help with this transition.

Fans can also expect the show to be making a few changes in front of the cameras to make up for Meredith’s absence in this 20th season.

Pompeo has also hinted that her character may return for a few scenes in future seasons, so it remains to be seen whether her relationship with Nick will stand the test of time.

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