Holly Sonders unveils newly created TEAMUP Fitness app on social media

Fox Sports personality, Holly Sonders has unveiled her closely guarded project, an app called TEAMUP Fitness.

On Friday, 1 May 2020, after teasing details of her upcoming major announcement, Holly Sonders unveiled the launch of her app called TEAMUP Fitness. Sonders announced the availability of the app for download through a snippet showcasing one of the first exercise videos she posted on the app. In her caption she revealed the inspiration for the video writing, “My new platform TEAMUP Fitness will allow me to connect directly with you in a way I haven’t been able to before.”

The app will provide her followers with the chance to sculpt their bodies to look like hers, provided they follow her exercise routine. Holly Sonders will also share intimate details about her life on the app, and is scheduled to go live for the first time on the app this coming week to host her first interactive chat with her followers. Sonders encouraged her fans to start sending their questions ahead of the first live session.

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