Honey TV previews The Buzz, hosted by Anele Mdoda

Honey TV has given viewers a glimpse at the upcoming talk show, The Buzz, hosted by Anele Mdoda, which will see a group of African women sharing their views on various topics.

Honey TV took to its official Instagram page on Monday, 8 February 2021, to share a preview of the upcoming talk show, The Buzz. The show will be premiering on Monday, 15 February 2021, the same day as the launch of the channel. The set sees four female co-hosts sitting in a lilac-coloured studio with yellow and black accents, with the seats set up in a casual style around a coffee table – giving it an informal atmosphere.

Host, Anele Mdoda, will be joined by Pearl Umeh from Nigeria, Rachel Wakesho from Kenya, Zanna Katoka from the DRC, and Davina Mavuwa from Zimbabwe, who will be talking about matters relating to marriage, being single, working women, and everything in between. The clip saw Anele sharing that no topic will be off limits, as even explicit comments from the guests are to be expected.

Watch the preview of The Buzz below.


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