Hotel Hell: What happened to Cambridge Hotel?

The Cambridge Hotel that featured in the first season of Hotel Hell is one of the hotels that closed before the episode aired, due to foreclosure.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the leading culinary authorities in the world. Through his shows on the FOX network, he has created some of the most memorable moments in culinary television history. Ramsay continues to release new and innovative shows on the FOX network.

Arguably one of his more experimental shows, which saw him step into a new domain was Hotel Hell, which premiered in 2012.

Throughout its three-season run, the show had some memorable episodes, one in particular being the episode that featured the Cambridge Hotel, which, unfortunately, aired just months after the foreclosure of the hotel.

When did Hotel Hell’s Cambridge Hotel episode air?

Hotel Hell’s Cambridge Hotel episode was part of the first season of the show in August 2012. The Cambridge Hotel episode was the third episode of the first season, touted to have aired on Sunday, 19 August 2012.

It featured married couple, John and Tina Imhof, as the owners of the failing hotel. However, the memorable staff, who would made an impression on fans, included the hotel’s general manager, Brittany Thomas, and prep cook, Scooter Telford.

Following the airing of the episode, fans were arguably more concerned with the fate of the two employees than that of the owners.

Hotel Hell: What happened to Cambridge Hotel?

Cambridge Hotel was promoted based on the fact that the hotel was allegedly haunted, which confronted Gordon Ramsay immediately after he walked into the reception of the hotel in Cambridge, New York.

Upon walking into the reception, Ramsay found a “R.I.P” sign, which was confirmed to be in memoriam of the alleged ghost that haunts the hotel, four-year old little girl, Alice. Alice is believed to haunt the third-floor staircase, hence, the staircase has been closed off.

When he arrived in his floral hotel room, Ramsay immediately felt like he was going to get a headache from the gaudy design of the room.

After seeing his room, Ramsay started investigating the reason why the hotel, which had been operational for over 150 years, was in such a state.

It did not take long for him to discover that the problems were attributed to co-owner and lawyer, John, who ran the hotel as a dictatorship, since every decision had to be run by him.

Moreover, John and Tina were over $750 000 in debt because of the hotel. Tina was at her wits end as she felt that John did not listen to her, and the couple had already borrowed money from their parents and children to try and save the sinking ship.

As expected, Ramsay managed to salvage the hotel, which left the semblance that the hotel could turn around.

Hotel Hell’s Cambridge Hotel episode is cited to have been shot in January 2012, and by June of the same year, the hotel faced foreclosure.

At the time, the hotel was reported to have been over $486 000 behind in their mortgage payments. Therefore, the hotel was auctioned off for $299 000 by the second bank after it was foreclosed by the first bank.

Currently, the hotel stands as an assisted living facility called The Cambridge Assisted Living residence. By the time the episode aired in August 2012, the hotel was already closed.

What happened to Scooter Telford?

Scooter Telford won the hearts of fans and Ramsay alike during the episode. Telford shared his dream with Ramsay of finishing culinary school and eventually opening his own bakery.

Ramsay believed in the young man, and at the end of the episode, affirmed his intention to pay for Telford to complete his studies. Ramsay’s request as a ‘payback’ was a loaf of bread when Telford opened his bakery.

Telford completed his studies, but he has yet to open his own bakery. He works as a cook at Healthy Living Market and Cafe, Saratoga Springs, NY in 2022. Moreover, he is a co-business partner with a landscaping company.

What happened to Brittany Thomas?

Brittany Thomas was the general manager of Cambridge Hotel, who was beloved. Many believed that Thomas would have been able to make a success of running the hotel if John had given her the chance to do so.

Moreover, she is considered one of the most beautiful women to have been featured on Hotel Hell.

Unfortunately, after the episode and the subsequent closure of the restaurant, Thomas’ whereabouts are unknown, as she is not active on social media and had not capitalised on her fame to advance her social profile.