Hotel Hell: What happened to Harpers Ferry?

Harpers Ferry, now called The Town’s Inn, is still operational and has average reviews on the internet following its feature on Hotel Hell in season three.

Hotel Hell is the fourth collaborative reality television show by Gordon Ramsay and the Fox network. This follows the likes of successful shows, namely Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef US, and Kitchen Nightmares.

The premise of the show is, “Chef Gordon Ramsay visits struggling, dysfunctional hotels across America and spends a week trying to help them become successful.”

One of the most memorable episodes from the three seasons of the show is the two-part episode featuring The Town’s Inn located in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Featuring on the third season, which aired in June 2016, the inn is still open for business in 2022.

Did Hotel Hell get cancelled?

Hotel Hell was released after the premiere of Kitchen Nightmares. The latter premiered in 2007, while Hotel Hell premiered in 2012.

Reasons for the end of Hotel Hell are usually associated with the reason that Kitchen Nightmares was cancelled, which was the alleged ineffectiveness of the show that had a 22 percent success rate.

Therefore, it was suggested that Ramsay rather cancel the show to avoid the same criticism he experienced with Kitchen Nightmares.

Hotel Hell: What happened to Harpers Ferry?

Popularly referred to as the Harpers Ferry episode, The Town’s Inn was the two-part episode three and four of Hotel Hell’s third season.

The episode profiled The Town’s Inn, an inn owned by married couple Jason and Ana Townsend. However, the owners were not at the center of the two-part special, but, instead, Jason’s mother, retired teacher j was.

Karan decided to work at the inn after her retirement from teaching in order to keep busy. However, it seemed that Karan not only worked at the inn, but she treated it like her home.

From keeping clothes in locked cupboards of rooms meant for visitors and the deplorable state of the inn which was discovered to be a health hazard, to the state of the kitchen and the mouldy and expiring food in it – Karan Townsend was at the center of the controversy.

In the two-part series, Ramsay spoke to Jason about his mother and decided to pay her rent at a remote location away from the inn.

Jason then started taking a more active role in the inn. Since then, matters have seemingly improved and the team did make changes as the inn is still open in 2022.

However, the fact that The Town’s Inn is still open does not necessarily mean that if you pay for a stay at the inn, you would have a comfortable stay.

Why is Harpers Ferry popular?

Harpers Ferry is more than just a town that was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell.

The town’s history includes that it was the site of John Brown’s raid and played an integral role in the Civil War.

In recent years, though, its biggest claim to fame is that it was the site where Hotel Hell featured an episode with The Town’s Inn. As such, the inn has a 3.9-star rating on Google Reviews.

How much is it to stay at The Town’s Inn?

It does not cost much to stay at the inn. Prices of rooms start at around $70 if the booking is made on a third-party booking platform.

Alternatively, if you make the booking on their website, rooms start at $79 per night and can cost up to $180 per night for the 1820 suite.

Is The Town’s Inn worth it?

As highlighted before, The Town’s Inn has average reviews that are not necessarily bad, but they are not excellent either.

However, it does seem that the inn is described as cosy, which is not the most flattering sentiment for the public to share when referring to hotels.

Furthermore, Karan returned to the inn following her temporary move to the rental that Ramsay bought for her.

One review read, “The charm of the inn is supposed to be the age but not enough has been done to the property to give it modern amenities. The renovations are uneven & under funded.”