Hotel Hell: What happened to Juniper Hill Inn?

The Juniper Hill Inn that featured on Hotel Hell foreclosed in April 2013, almost a year after Gordon Ramsay and his team intervened to turn the inn around.

Hotel Hell premiered on Fox in 2012 and it is the fourth collaboration between the network and Gordon Ramsay, who served as the host and executive producer of the show.

Hotel Hell followed after the production of Ramsay-fronted shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef US.

The first two episodes of the show were a two-part feature on the Juniper Hill Inn in Windsor, Vermont.

When Ramsay profiled the inn, it was already in debt, which was also the cause of the inn’s closure in April 2013. It was reported that the inn was repossessed by the bank.

How many episodes of Hotel Hell are there?

Hotel Hell aired on Fox between 2012 and 2016 and has a total of three seasons.

The first season is the shortest season of the three, with six episodes and season two had a total of eight episodes. Season three, the last season, also had eight episodes.

This meant that in total, between 2012 and 2016, Hotel Hell had a total of 22 episodes.

Hotel Hell: What happened to Juniper Hill Inn?

Juniper Hill Inn was the first inn profiled on Hotel Hell. The first episode’s premise was, “Chef Gordon Ramsay visits struggling, dysfunctional hotels across America and spends a week trying to help them become successful.”

The inn, located in Windsor, Vermont, was owned by antiques dealer Robert Dean ll and his partner Ari Nikki. While the condition of the rooms was good, everything else about the inn was in a state of disrepair.

Firstly, the owners were in debt of over $1 million by the time that Gordon Ramsay arrived to intervene. The debt was placed on Robert, as Ari suggested he had invested everything into the inn to ensure that it does not fail.

Robert, on the other hand, had invested his money on the antiques he was hoarding in the basement of the inn.

Secondly, Robert not only let his friends stay at the inn for free, but he also pinched the tips given to him by friends, even though they were meant for the staff. Moreover, the staff complained that they never got paid on time, or the agreed upon amount.

Lastly, the kitchen was a mess as it only served a fixed breakfast and dinner menu of a set price of $59. This was in addition to the exorbitant prices that guests were charged for rooms, which were priced at nothing less than $350 for a minimum two-night stay.

Despite the changes that Ramsay attempted to introduce through his intervention, it seems that they were futile, as it was confirmed that the inn officially closed in April 2013.

Where to watch Hotel Hell?

Why did Juniper Hill Inn close?

Juniper Hill Inn was closed in April 2013 due to foreclosure. Allegedly, by the time the inn was foreclosed, it was already over $1 million in debt. This is des

pite the fact that when Ramsay and Hotel Hell visited the inn and attempted to sell the antiques that Robert Dean ll was hoarding, it was discovered that the antiques were only worth $25 000. This is because most of the antiques were not in mint condition, and most of the paintings were replicas and not originals, which Robert was unaware of.

What happened to Juniper Hill Inn?

Following the inn’s foreclosure in April 2013, the inn was auctioned and bought by Kenni Lucci and sister Brenda Bradley in 2014 for $405,000. The new owners were reportedly going to invest $500 000 to get the inn up to code.

They also did not hold back in their criticism of the inn’s previous owners, reporting that it was in a state of disrepair and that they found unused merchandise. Following the renovations, the inn was reopened under its new name, Windsor Mansion Inn, which is still operational in 2022.

What happened to Robert Dean ll and Ari Nikki after Hotel Hell?

After the episodes were shot in February 2012, the inn experienced a downward spiral. This included a high staff turnover, so much so that by the time the two-part episodes had aired, most of the staff in the episode had quit.

Besides the closure of the inn, which the partners confirmed through a Facebook post, not much is known about what they are currently doing.

However, Ari was reportedly arrested in 2015 for assaulting a police officer.