How can you find someone on Instagram without their username?

How you can find someone on Instagram without knowing their username and what methods you can use to locate their profile through mutual followers, and other options.

Instagram is a great place to find your friends to follow as well as to find other people to follow, and possibly make new friends with.

Instagram users all have chosen usernames to be identified with on the platform. Finding people is typically easy if you know their Instagram username.

So, what happens when you are looking for someone’s Instagram profile and do not know their username?

Users should know the other methods they can use to find someone’s profile on Instagram without knowing their username, as these methods can easily help.

Finding someone on Instagram without their username

Finding someone on Instagram is usually easy if you are already following them or if you know what someone’s username is.

There are instances, however, when you might be looking for a certain Instagram profile and cannot find it because you do not know what their username is, and in this case, you will need to know how to find them using other methods.

How to find someone on Instagram without their username

Are you on Instagram trying to locate a certain Instagram profile, but are not having luck because you do not know the username or have forgotten it?

This can happen and when it does, it can be frustrating not finding someone you are looking for. Luckily, there are different methods that can be used to look for someone on the app.

Some methods will include searching for the person using their actual name and last name if you know them.

Additionally, you could find mutual followers that you know you both have; connect your phone’s contact list; use Instagram Discover; or go through some of the likes of one of their closest friends.

These methods could possibly help you find someone’s Instagram profile:

Search methods How they may help How to use them
Search their name
  • Search for their full names.
  • If a name is common, it may be harder to find under long lists of common names.
  1. Go to the search tab.
  2. Search the person’s first name and try to find their picture.
  3. Search for the full name with a picture of them.
Find mutual followers
  • Check for mutual followers.
  • Look in the ‘Followed By’ list.
  1. Check a profile of one of their close friends.
  2. Go to their followers/following list.
  3. Search the name of the person you are looking for.
Connect contact list
  • Allow Instagram to access the phone numbers of people you have added.
  • You will discover them if you have them in your contacts.
  1. In your profile tap ‘Menu’ in the top-right corner.
  2. Tap ‘Discover people’.
  3. Choose ‘Connect’ next to Connect contacts.
Instagram Discover
  • Go through your suggested list.
  • Find people you might know based on your mutual followings.
  1. In your profile tap on ‘Menu’ in the top-right corner.
  2. Tap on ‘Discover people’.
  3. Scroll to ‘All suggestions’ to possibly find them.
Check close friends’ likes
  • Look through their close friends’ likes.
  • You might find they have liked their posts.
  1. Go to one of their friends’ profiles.
  2. View all their likes from recent posts.
  3. Search the person’s name to possibly find them.

Finding someone on Instagram using Instagram Discover

One way to search for someone on Instagram if you do not know their username is through Instagram Discover. This method will have you go through your list of suggested accounts to follow.

This method is noted as unconventional, but can be highly effective in that you can find people you might know to follow, and the algorithm works to extract the people that have mutual followers and followings.

This can help you find someone without knowing their username, as it will basically already be doing the work for you with mutual followings.

Finding someone by searching their actual name

Now you may not know someone’s Instagram username when looking for them, but you might know their actual name and last name; another method is to search their full names and maybe this will lead you to their Instagram profile.

You need to note, though, that this will only work if the person is using their real name for their account, as some people tend not to.

Another issue may be if someone has a common name, because this may make it harder to find them under a list of similar names.

Can you find someone on Instagram without having your own account?

There may be a case whereby you are looking for someone on Instagram, but do not have your own account.

If this is the case, you do not need to worry, as it is still possible to find someone even without you having an account. To do this, you would have to make use of the web version of Instagram.

You can google their name and their social media accounts, along with other relevant information which will come up, including their Instagram account. You will have found them without an account.

Final thoughts

It can be tricky finding someone on Instagram, especially if you do not know their username. Luckily, there are alternative methods for one to search for someone without knowing their Instagram username, and this is even possible if you yourself have no account.

To attempt to find someone on Instagram without knowing their username, you will have to either search for their full names if you know them, check your mutual followings, look for them using Instagram Discover under your suggested lists, connect your phone’s contact list, or check their close friends’ likes.