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How clothing can affect productivity when working from home

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Wearing pyjamas or sweatpants when working from home is okay for a day or two, but wearing work attire can do wonders for your productivity over an extended period.

The global pandemic has taken its toll on the mental state and productivity of many people, causing them to fall into a slump of depression or anxiety. Being confined to your home also impacts the psyche and can affect productivity. Working from home has prompted many Zoom call meetings, which require you to only dress from the waist up, allowing you to remain in your pyjamas throughout the day if preferred.

People believe that if no one can see them, what does it really matter? Which is why it is important to change that mentality soon, as home-based working is likely to become the ‘new normal.’

It is advised to make a conscious decision to wake up at least 30 minutes before your work-from-home day begins. Make sure to have a shower and put on clothes which would also be acceptable to wear if you had to step out for a meeting. Pairing comfortable slops with a T-shirt creates a smart-casual look, alternatively, opt for leggings and an oversized collared shirt if you have a video call during the day. Creating a routine allows you to create a sense of normalcy from the time you wake up, and puts you in a more productive state of mind.

Sayushka Naidoo
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