How did Abby Sciuto leave NCIS?

Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, exited CBS’ NCIS after 15 seasons, as a result of the character being shot in a mysterious street holdup that left her in a coma.

Abby Sciuto was a well-loved character on CBS’ NCIS, and featured prominently in the storyline from season one until season 15. In 2019, the character was shot during a street holdup, and was initially declared dead before medical examiner, Ducky Mallard, approached a covered body on the exam table. This led to the realisation that it was Clayton Reeves, the much-loved NCIS colleague who was with Abby when she was robbed, who had been killed.

Abby was found in a comatose state, leaving her colleagues to search for her killer. The blood found on Clayton led Gibbs and agent Ellie Bishop to the home of the shooter. They found him murdered, along with evidence that he had been hired to kill Abby. Eventually, Abby regained consciousness and began assisting her colleagues with finding her attacker.

Once the culprit was determined, Abby returned to her lab and surprised her colleagues, excluding Gibbs, with the news that she would be leaving NCIS immediately to oversee the charity that Clayton planned to start in honour of his late mother.