How did Scorpion end?

Scorpion ended with a cliffhanger at the end of its fourth season when Walter and Paige’s breakup caused the team to split into two brand new teams.

CBS decided that it would not renew Scorpion after its fourth season, because of its declining viewership.

However, this meant that the season four finale ended up being the series finale. The show ended with the team helping a village in North Africa and then subsequently splitting up into two brand new teams.

Why was Scorpion cancelled?

When CBS’s Scorpion first began airing in 2014, this lovable group of crime-fighting nerds became a surprise hit among the network’s other procedural-style shows.

However, in 2018 CBS unfortunately announced that the network had decided not to renew the show.

This was likely because Scorpion, like many other shows on the network at the time, including Elementary and Code Black, had seen a drastic decline in viewership.

For this reason, the network simply no longer saw them as viable options. By the time that season four of Scorpion ended, it was the lowest-rated show on the network.

How did Scorpion end?

It is always a sad day when a popular series gets cancelled. However, what is even worse is when a popular show gets cancelled unexpectedly and fans of the show are left with an unsatisfying cliffhanger series finale.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to CBS’s Scorpion when the show was cancelled after its last season had already aired.

As a result, the season four final episode titled “A Lie in the Sand” which first aired on 16 April 2018, ended up being the series finale episode.

During this episode, the Scorpion team travels to Northeast Africa where they are tasked with navigating a minefield in order to help Sly’s pen pal, Alex.

However, when the team arrives in Northeast Africa to assist the village with getting their diesel through a minefield, the mission becomes much more complicated than they had originally expected.

Toby realises that the leader of the village is being treated for the incorrect illness, and Walter, Paige, Happy, Cabe, Sly, and Alex get stuck in a sandstorm which causes their landmine-finding gadgets to stop working.

After a tense couple of minutes, the team manages to stay alive and delivers the diesel to the village just in time to save the leader’s life, but unfortunately, the team is starting to crumble.

After the flash-forward, which takes place at the end of the episode, the team split up completely into two brand new teams and Walter and Paige were no longer together.

Walter and his lies

By the time that the series finale episode started, Walter was still holding onto the secret that he had gone to a lecture with Florence without telling Paige.

Moreover, despite Happy and Toby’s warnings, it took Walter’s near-death experience of being buried alive to convince him that he should be honest with his girlfriend.

However, even when he did tell Paige about the lecture at first, he left out the fact that he went with Florence completely.

This is what made it so much worse when Paige ultimately realised that Walter had only told her the partial truth when she found out the whole story at the end of the episode.

Happy and Toby’s family

While Walter and Paige’s relationship had been slowly falling apart all season long, Toby and Happy were trying to start a family of their own.

In this finale episode, Happy finally realised that she would like to adopt instead of going through IVF, after she saw how Cara’s parents loved their adoptive child.

She realised that she and Toby could give a child the happy family that she had always wanted when she was growing up.

The beginning of Scorpion 2.0

Happy had warned Walter over and over again that he needed to tell Paige that he attended the lecture with Florence, because there would be no Scorpion if the two of them fell out.

But this is exactly what happened at the end of the season finale of Scorpion, and it caused the entire team to split up indefinitely.

When Paige finds out that Walter had been dishonest, she dumps him and quits Scorpion.

However, since Sly had developed feelings for Florence and had even planned to ask her out before he found out that she had feelings for Walter, he felt deeply betrayed by the entire situation, and so did Toby and Happy. They all decided to follow Paige out of the door.

When the episode jumps ahead two weeks, Walter has formed Scorpion 2.0 with Cabe and Florence, and Paige, Sly, Happy, and Toby have formed their own team, called Centipede.