How do I get Peacock to work on my LG TV?

Getting your Peacock to work on your LG TV is easy with LG smart TVs, but for older versions you need to purchase a third-party device.

Smart TVs have revolutionised television-watching as you can now install streaming and video-on-demand apps, like Peacock, directly to your television.

However, if you have an older LG TV, then you need to purchase a third-party device to have access to streaming services like Peacock.

How do I get Peacock on my LG Smart TV?

If you have a LG Smart TV, getting Peacock to work is as easy as downloading the app on your smartphone or desktop. LG’s Smart TV app store is called LG Content Store. To download the app, you need to:

  • Visit LG Content Store
  • Search “Peacock”
  • Select the icon when it shows, and download the app
  • Once downloaded, sign in with your login credentials

How do I get Peacock to work on my LG TV?

Alternatively, if you do not have a LG Smart TV, you should ensure that the older version of your LG television has an HDMI input. This feature is standard in most televisions.

Then, you should ensure that you have an established Peacock subscription package. If you do not, you can purchase your package on Peacock.

Once this is done, you need to purchase a third-party device like Roku, Apple TV, or an Amazon Fire Stick. These are the leading and most trusted hardware digital media players, which function in the same way that the LG Content Store allows you to download Peacock on your LG TV.

Usually, the third-party devices come with a remote and a player that is connected to your LG TV via the HDMI input to provide you with an internet connection, so that you can download the app from the internet and directly onto your LG TV.

Is a Peacock subscription expensive?

Peacock is a hybrid subscription streaming and video-on-demand platform as it has a free package, and two additional packages which include:

Package Price
Peacock Premium $4.99 per month
Peacock Premium Plus $9.99 per month

What can I watch on Peacock?

Peacock is NBCUniversal’s entry into the video-on-demand streaming market that offers popular programming such as the Harry Potter franchise, Downton Abbey, and Peacock originals like Girls5eva and Bel Air.

What channels are free on Peacock?

Peacock has over 13 000 hours of free, ad-supported content on its free package, including content from current-season episodes and specials from NBC and Telemundo that cover news, sports, and pop-culture programming.

This package also includes curated channels with clips from popular iconic series like The Office and SNL.