How do people make money on Instagram?

How people can make money on Instagram from creating content that is worthy of attracting brand sponsorships and IGTV ads, as well as how Instagram influencers make money.

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms people are using to post and create their content for people to consume.

It has become a playground for content creators to showcase their lives and daily activities, from posting images of themselves looking good, creating reels as well as making boomerangs.

The Instagram culture is so significant that one cannot downplay the prospects of possibly making money from it, especially with the time people can spend on the application in an effort to appeal to an Instagram audience.

Fortunately, there are different ways for people to make money off the application.

Money on Instagram

For people who are looking into adding to their financial income or simply looking into benefitting from being active and dedicated users of Instagram, making money off the application is possible and can be done through different streams.

The goal would be to get paid for the content that you put out. So, ensuring that your content is of quality and attracts the right audience, as well as reaches a large audience can help you to stand out.

This is because when you stand, you gain some followers and attract the right people, turning you into a successful Instagram influencer and creator.

How do people make money on Instagram?

There are many different ways that people are making money on Instagram. The key is to create content that will appeal to a wider audience, which can be hard since there are already so many influencers doing the same things, making competition higher.

Whether you choose to be different and offer up something new can be entirely up to you, and that can also work to your advantage. One contributor to making money faster will be the number of followers you have.

Influencers have managed to build large followings thus, helping them to attract more opportunities to monetize from their content and for simply being who they are and as popular as they are.

These influencers have made money not only from their content and profiles, but also from brand sponsorships and brand partnerships. These can typically be some big brands.

How much can influencers make on Instagram?

Some of the biggest influencers on Instagram are celebrities, while some have acquired celebrity status from being known as successful influencers, having started out on Instagram.

The numbers in terms of how much can be made, can depend on factors such as the Instagrammers following.

More accomplished influencers can have close to millions of followers, and they can earn money ranging from $600 for every post they submit.

Those with hundreds of thousand followers can make around $200 per post, while people sitting at tens of thousands of followers earn around $88 per post.

How to make money on Instagram from sponsorships

If your content is related to a certain activity or topic, seeking out sponsorship can be a great way of getting money from creating content on your account. This can work out best if you appeal to a certain brand through your content.

In the case of sponsorships, if you are already a prominent figure on the platform, brands will be okay with approaching you first to offer you sponsorship.

However, in the case that you have to seek them yourself, it is important to be authentic for brands to trust you.

Making money on Instagram through IGTV ads

Another interesting way of making money off Instagram is through making IGTV ads of your content.

This is a tool that was introduced for creators in the United States in March 2021, in which these ads would appear whilst people are watching IGTV from a content creators feed.

The video ads are also mobile-friendly and are 15 seconds long. People can make up to 55 percent of the share of all advertising on IGTV, which is the same as YouTube, making it a good way for creators to have another way of making money.


It is no longer a thing to just use social media for the fun of it, as times are rapidly shifting to money making digitally.

Consuming social media has become a job for many people who are content creators and influencers as finding ways of monetizing content quickly grows.

The trick to using social media platforms such as Instagram now lies in finding ways to make some sort of income from what you can put out and have to offer the community.

Growing your community helps to create more opportunities for users to make use of tools to earn.