How do you get on Homes Under the Hammer?

People who want to get on Homes Under the Hammer are encouraged to apply via the provided email address by BBC One.

Homes Under the Hammer first premiered on BBC One in 2003 and since then, the reality-format property show has grown in popularity to become one of the more popular programs on the channel.

The show’s hosts are Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin, Martel Maxwell, Tommy Walsh, and Jacqui Joseph. As the show has continued to grow in popularity throughout the years, more members of the viewing public want to be featured on the show.

BBC One has made it easy to apply as the channel has shared the email address that applicants can send their applications to. BBC One did not share the expected turnaround time for responses.

Is Martin Roberts leaving Homes Under the Hammer?

Martin Roberts has been with Homes Under the Hammer since its inception in 2003. When original co-host, Lucy Alexander left the series to explore other pursuits in 2016, fans believed that Roberts’ future was precarious.

However, the co-host was adamant that he did not intend on leaving the show. This remained the case until his recent health scare.

In May 2022, the host confirmed that he suffered from fluid around his heart, which he survived. Currently, though, it seems that the personality is healing, but will return as co-host on the show in the future.

How do you get on Homes Under the Hammer?

Homes Under the Hammer’s premise is, “The show follows new and experienced buyers at auctions bidding on usually run-down properties. Subsequently, it follows them on their renovation project for either a rental or resale profit or loss,” according to IMDb.

Considering the benefits of experts helping lucky recipients acquire ideal properties and renovating the properties to help turn a profit, it is no wonder that members of the public want to be part of the show.

The show is estimated to draw a sizable audience of 1.5 million viewers. Therefore, you can imagine how many people are applying to be a part of the upcoming season.

Currently, the series is in its twenty-fifth season. In light of the demand to be on the show, BBC One shared the following on their website:

“One of BBC One’s best-loved property shows is looking for successful auction purchasers to appear on the programme. Our presenters Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin, Martel Maxwell, Tommy Walsh, and Jacqui Joseph help auction buyers get the most from their property.

If you have your eye on that dream home; are looking to renovate a property to sell on; or are simply looking to build a property portfolio – we want to hear from you. If you are a successful bidder at an auction and are interested in hearing more about appearing on the show, please do get in touch.”

The Lion TV produced show shared the application email address for those who want to apply.

What are the requirements of being on Homes Under the Hammer?

Homes Under the Hammer did not share the requirements to be on the show in much detail, but they did share two primary eligibility criteria.

The first is that the applicant must be over the legal age of 18 to qualify. Furthermore, another requirement that was not stipulated, but was stated before is that applicants need to either be a property owner or a successful bidder.

If you are not, it is unlikely the show will choose you to be part of the show.

Do you get paid for Homes Under the Hammer?

From reports shared, it does not seem that you get paid to be on Homes Under The Hammer. But the show does compensate the contributors for their appearance on the show.

However, it is the developer that is tasked with finding people to help with the renovations. These are mostly friends and contacts willing to help in their spare time or at discounted rates for the exposure they receive from being part of the show.

Additionally, the show allegedly skews viewers’ perceptions of the logistics and timeframes for when payouts are made after an auction, and the profitability thereof.

When does Homes Under the Hammer air?

As one of the most popular shows for daytime viewers, BBC One has previous episodes of Homes Under the Hammer airing throughout the day on BBC One and Two.

The channel has a detailed schedule of the airing times and the season and episode airing here. However, new episodes from season 25 are shared every Tuesday on BBC One at 10:45.