How does Rip know Avery on Yellowstone?

In Yellowstone, Avery knows Rip from her exotic dancing days, and he is responsible for getting her a job as the first female horse groomer at the Dutton Ranch.

Yellowstone is Paramount Network’s flagship series that has grown in popularity throughout its four-season run, with the fifth season of the series already confirmed.

While characters have come and left  throughout the four seasons, one of the biggest mysteries is still what happened to Avery.

Played by Tanaya Beatty, the fan-favourite character was first on the series for eight episodes before her abrupt departure during season two.

The character was formally introduced to the world of the story when Rip Wheeler recruited her to be a horse groomer for the Dutton Ranch, making her surprise return in season four.

What is Yellowstone?

Yellowstone premiered in 2018 as part of the relaunch of the Paramount Network, with it being touted as the network’s flagship series.

While the series was initially a slow burn, the John Linson and Taylor Sheridan created drama series is premised on, “A ranching family in Montana faces off against others encroaching on their land.”

The title character of the series is acclaimed Bodyguard actor, Kevin Costner, as John Dutton, who is the patriarch of the family who owns the largest contiguous ranch in the US.

The success of the series has spawned its expansion with the introduction of spin-off series, 1883, and the upcoming 6666.

How does Rip know Avery on Yellowstone?

Avery was introduced towards the end of season one when the former exotic dancer became the only female ranch hand on the Dutton Ranch after Rip Wheeler recruited her.

During the second season fans fell in love with the character, especially as it seemed that she and Jimmy had a budding relationship.

Therefore, fans were all surprised when during the episode titled Blood the Boy, Jimmy returned from the rodeo flush only to discover that Avery had packed her bags and left suddenly.

If fans were shocked by the abrupt exit, it seems that the producers of the series were just as shocked about Tanaya Beatty’s departure, with the only word on her departure being that it was unexpected.

Moreover, Beatty has, since, not spoken out about her decision, which has left room for speculation.

The unverified truth about Yellowstone’s Avery’s departure

At the time of Tanaya Beatty’s 2019 departure in season two of Yellowstone, no reason was given as to why she left the show.

Furthermore, the producers suggesting that the decision was unexpected alluded to the fact that it was Beatty’s solely decision to leave. Therefore, it was speculated that she left the series due to the impending relationship with Jimmy.

Allegedly, the star was vying for a family-friendly role and feared that the relationship and possible sex scenes would affect her chances of landing the role. However, this is only speculation, and has by no means been confirmed.

Tanaya Beatty returns to Yellowstone

While fans of Yellowstone might have had hope that Tanaya Beatty would return to reprise her role, the chances seem slim considering that in 2022, news of her casting on the upcoming sci-fi film, Crimes of the Future was confirmed.

However, during season four’s final episode, Avery made a surprise return after being discovered by Kayce and Monica while they were in search of the Duttons’ missing horses.

Avery made Monica feel intimidated as she flirted with Kayce, a titbit that fans believe will be explored in the upcoming fifth season.

When will Yellowstone season five be released?

The last episode of Yellowstone’s season four aired in January 2022, and as such, it comes as no surprise that Paramount Network has yet to confirm a release date for season five.

However, the season has been confirmed and fans can expect a 14-episode, two-part season five of the series according to Paramount Network.

Filming of the new season was already underway, but there was a production break due to the pandemic. The cast and crew are believed to reconvene for production in May 2022.

Insiders have speculated a summer 2022 release date for season five, part one.

Final thoughts

In four seasons, Yellowstone has become one of the most popular series on television today. The Paramount Network’s flagship series has a total of four seasons currently, and fans are patiently awaiting the fifth season.

Avery, played by Tanaya Beatty, is one of the fan-favourite characters that was introduced as a guest appearance by Rip Wheeler when he was recruiting her to work on the Dutton Ranch.

Initially leaving the show in season two, fans were excited to see her comeback in the season four finale. Moreover, fans hope the star will return in season five, but this has not been confirmed yet.