How Elise from Hell’s Kitchen’s life has changed after the show

Elise may have stood out on Hell’s Kitchen for all the wrong reasons, but this fiery chef has now conquered the culinary-, entertainment- and fitness-worlds.

Hell’s Kitchen has slowly become one of the most popular shows in the Gordon Ramsay cinematic universe, with over 1.77 million viewers tuning in to watch the show’s season 22 premiere on 28 September 2023.

Throughout the course of these 22 seasons, fans have seen countless dishes both skillfully and not-so skillfully prepared, and have watched hundreds of chefs battle it out for their chance to win the Hell’s Kitchen grand prize.

However, few of these chefs have managed to make an impression quite like Elise, who competed on seasons 9 and 17.

Elise’s career post Hell’s Kitchen

Although Elise is undeniably an incredibly talented chef, the stress of the intense Hell’s Kitchen competition proved to be too much for her, and she has now been cemented as one of the chefs from the series who fans  love to hate.

But despite the fact that Elise never ended up taking home the Hell’s Kitchen trophy, she has established herself not only in the cooking and restaurant industry, but also in the entertainment- and fitness-industries after all these years.

Elise continues to be one of the most active chefs in the ever-growing Hell’s Kitchen cast to day and even refers to herself as the “Queen” of the series. That is, of course, when she is not promoting herself or her business as ‘The Diva Chef.’

Other shows that Elise has appeared on since Hell’s Kitchen

Whilst most fans will only remember Elise from her quite controversial run on Hell’s Kitchen, her fiery personality has served her well outside of the series and she has actually now become somewhat of a small-screen celebrity.

Some of the other shows that have featured a glimpse of Elise through the years include the following:

Show Details
Food Fighters Elise made a brief appearance in the first season of this NBC cooking competition show in 2014.
Après Ski Elise also spread her reality television wings in this Bravo series, which premiered all the way back in 2015.
Pickler & Ben Elise was also featured in this daytime talk show, which aired a total of two seasons between 2017 and 2019.

Of course, Elise has also made a few brief appearances on The Hallmark Channel and the local news station FOX 5.

Elise’s career before Hell’s Kitchen

Elise, like most other chefs who audition for the chance to be featured on Hell’s Kitchen, was not used to all of this glitz and glam before her run on the series.

In fact, while Elise is a French, classically-trained chef, she was working as a grillardin and saucier at Donato’s Restaurant in Fox Chapel before she sent in her application to be on the show.

But while Elise was just one link in a very long chain at this restaurant before her reality television fame, her colleagues helped her prepare for television by challenging her to complete daily mystery basket challenges before they even prepared for the day ahead.

And it seems like this kind of preparedness has helped Elise to build a very successful career for herself, not only in the reality television cooking realm, but also as a trainer and a nutrition coach.

Elise’s personal life has also changed a lot since she appeared on Hell’s Kitchen

Elise is clearly quite a busy lady, but it seems like she has managed to strike the perfect balance between her personal- and professional life.

Since she was featured on season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen all the way back in 2017, Elise has gone through a divorce and eventually re-married (which is why she is now going by Elise M Harris).

Elise has also welcomed a daughter, who, judging by a recent Reel posted to Elise’s Instagram account, is just as determined and driven as her mother.

What Elise is doing now

When Elise is not busy filming a food and nutrition clip for her local television channel or hosting a live or online cooking demonstration, she is most likely involved in managing one or more of her many successful businesses.

She still utilizes her culinary talents as ‘The Diva Chef’ from Hell’s Kitchen to craft delicious and nutritious meals for clients all over the globe, but Elise has also built up quite the reputation in the body-building world as a personal trainer and accomplished bikini model.

Moreover, she is also a qualified nutritionist, which means that she also offers various meal-planning and custom menu creation services which can be tailored to clients’ specific needs through her other company, Muscle Meals by Elise.

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