How far will Garage Squad travel?

The Garage Squad team has only ever really done restorations in the Chicago area, but the show’s website encourages people from all over the country to apply.

So far, Garage Squad has only really travelled within Chicago to restore cars. And even though the show’s website does promise that it is looking to expand, this seems unlikely now that the show has gone so long without a new season.

How far will Garage Squad travel?

If you have ever tuned in to watch the group of experts on Garage Squad as they fix up an old and forgotten car restoration project entirely, and you have longed for them to do the same with the hunk of junk sitting in your garage, you just may be in luck.

Up until this point, the Garage Squad renovations have been limited to the Chicago area, because this is where the majority of the Garage Squad team and the show’s production team are located.

However, the FAQ section on the show’s website claims that they are looking into travelling even farther, and may even be going coast to coast really soon.

Unfortunately, there has been no new news about whether the show has been renewed for its ninth season or not. Hence, it is still unclear exactly when this expansion will take place or if the show will ever pick up again in the future.

Submissions for the show are still open

The only way to get on the Garage Squad show is to submit your car as a project via the submission form on the show’s website.

It is noteworthy that this submission form requires a lot of personal information, including your name, surname and other details, as well as a thorough description of your car (with photos of the car, your home and your family).

How long do the Garage Squad renovations take and who pays for the projects?

The Garage Squad team reads through every single submission. This “auditioning” process can be quite intense, but if you are lucky enough to make it onto Garage Squad, the entire restoration process will reportedly only take about a week to complete.

What is even better is that the show covers the whole bill for the restoration project (with the aid of a few sponsors, of course).

Will Garage Squad ever be renewed for season 9?

The final episode of season eight of Garage Squad aired back in December 2021. Since then, there has been no official word on whether the show has started filming again.

This makes it seem unlikely that Garage Squad will be renewed for season nine and even less likely that they will be travelling outside Chicago, even if the show is renewed.