How many times can you change an Etsy shop name?

How many times can you change your Etsy shop name, how do you change a shop name, what happens when you do and tips to choose a name?

Are you an Etsy shop owner, but seem to be dissatisfied with your shop name? You might be considering how to change it, if you can change it and how many times you can change it. Etsy shop owners can definitely change their shop name multiple times with a limit. When it comes to changing your Etsy shop name, you will have to consider that this would mean introducing your customers to a brand-new identity.

How do you change an Etsy shop name and what happens when you need to change it again?

In order to change your Etsy shop name, you would need to go onto the Etsy website and select the Shop Manager option. Under the Shop Manager option, you would need to select Settings and click on the Info and Appearance option. To change your Etsy name, select the Change option, which will be next to the Shop Name option. Enter your new desired shop name and proceed to save the changes.

You shop name will need to be up to 20 characters with no punctuation or spacing, but with capital letters to separate words. The name you choose will make up part of your shop’s URL. In the event that you find that you may need to change your shop name again, you can do it as many times as you might need. However, this will only be possible if your shop is not yet running for business. So, before opening your shop, you have the freedom to change your Etsy shop name as much as you would like.

It is different in the case where you have already opened shop. You will be limited to five changes to your shop name if your shop has already been opened. Should you have reached the limit and find that you need to change your shop name again, you would need to follow the process of using the same form to hand into Etsy Support, requesting another name change. The catch this time around would be that you will have to wait on Support to process your request for approval.

What happens when you change your Etsy shop name?

When you have decided to change your shop name, the changes will be visible on the storefront. Since it is not yet known whether your existing or potential customers are informed on your name change, it is always a good idea to announce to your customers that you will be making some changes that will affect them too. So, send out announcements alerting customers of the changes so as to make them aware.

In the case that you do not announce the changes and simply do it, you risk losing your customer base. This is because they might not be able to find your shop name anymore, or worse, might think that your shop no longer exists. To avoid such drastic conclusions from your customers, make sure that you are as open and transparent about every move that you make. That way, your customers will always be able to rely on you and your services and will continue to support you and your business. Failing to be an open business owner to your customers will result in a huge loss of your customer base.

What are some tips for choosing the best name for your Etsy shop?

It is important that whatever name you choose for your shop, it will be a reflection of you, your brand and the product/s you offer. You can gather some keywords and essentials that are representative of your shop in terms of the products, branding and style to include in your name. Look into shops on Etsy that might be similar to yours and see how they have chosen to name their shops to get some inspiration for your new name. Remember to be very unique as this will help you to stand out from the rest. Take into account the future when it comes to choosing a new name for your shop. You will need to look at the long-term effects of your Etsy shop name and consider if it will still be a name that will work in the long run.

You will need to ensure that you treat your shop name like a permanent one, so choosing the right one considering the future will be advisable. An Etsy shop name can be changed up to five times once the shop has opened.