How Mihlali attempted to break the internet again

Mihlali Ndamase attempted to break the internet again, this time, by sharing a video of herself showcasing her hourglass figure.

Mihlali Ndamase took to Twitter on Monday, 26 July 2021, to attempt to “break the internet” again. The content creator and digital entrepreneur is no stranger to “breaking the internet.” Therefore, considering that it has been a while since she has trended for the right reason, this would have been a continued reminder that the star has fully transitioned from influencer to a commercially viable media personality.

In the video she shared, Mihlali showcased her hourglass figure, which she has been working towards since she has grown into her body. When Ndamase first started her YouTube channel, she was slim in stature. However, due to growing up and settling into one’s body, Ndamase naturally picked up weight. In an effort to remain healthy, rather than attempt to lose weight until she reaches her stature before, the star has been working out with a focus on her waist.

Hence, in the shared visuals from her workout sessions, she is continually wearing a waist trainer to cinch in her waist. The result is the one she shared on Twitter and via her Instagram Stories. The star went on to share behind-the-scenes visuals of the shooting of the video. The outtakes showcase a comical Ndamase jokingly referencing the shape of her waist.

Ndamase is no stranger to “breaking the internet.” In 2020, the star gave rise to what became a wave of media personalities taking videos and images of themselves in a jet. Ndamase had “broken the internet” with the video, as speculation on whether she had actually taken a ride on the jet or had merely posed with the jet as a prop circulated.

It was later revealed that the visuals were for a campaign that she was working on. However, by then, the star had superseded expectations of the engagement the video would get, considering that the video went viral.

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