How much are vintage Gucci bags worth?

The cost of a vintage Gucci bag is based on variables which range from rarity to the condition, but what is always important is understanding the maintenance requirements.

One of the most lucrative businesses in fashion is the re-selling of vintage designer and luxury items. While you can venture into selling your collection of vintage bags yourself, it is always advisable to go through a second-hand online store or physical store with a reputable name.

This is as it ensures a quicker turnaround time to sell the vintage bag. Additionally, it eliminates the uncertainty of any possibility of a scam for both the buyer and the seller.

However, when you are selling your bag to a second-hand online store and physical store, it is important to consider factors which will affect how much your vintage bag is worth.

Variables when selling your designer bags second hand

There are basically three primary conditions in which the value of a vintage bag is judged. For the sake of the article, we will use Gucci bags as the running example of how the value of the bag is estimated.

The first thing that is taken into consideration is the condition of the bag. The better condition the vintage Gucci bag is in, the better the chances of the bag being charged at its original value.

The second condition that is considered is the rarity of the bag. If the Gucci bag is still in mint condition, but the style and design of the bag is not coherent with the current trend, the price will be dropped slightly. This condition runs parallel with the third condition, which is the material used on the bag.

Gucci bags’ materials range from cotton to various leather materials, canvas and velvet. Each of the materials affect how the bag is priced.

Therefore, Gucci bags with cotton, soft leather or traditional leather are set to cost less than Gucci bags made with velvet, embroidered or leather with prints like the current trend of the Dionysus handbag.

Taking into consideration the pricing conditions above when reselling a vintage Gucci bag can earn you anywhere between $50 to a five-digit figure.

However, it is important to also look at the vintage online stores or shop around physical stores to gauge how much they are selling the vintage bags for, after having purchased them. This way, you can understand whether the offered price is competitive and fair, or purely exploitative.

How to take care of your designer bags:

So, seeing as the condition of the bag is of optimum importance when thinking about reselling a vintage bag, upkeep is an important consideration.

Hence it only makes sense to spend time speaking on how to best take care of your Gucci luxury bags, in order to optimise on the worth of the bag should you consider selling it. These measures include considering storage and maintenance.

Buy it on Amazon 

Designer bags currently come with the silk bag cases. However, your Gucci vintage bag may not have one or it has been lost. You can substitute the silk case with a satin or silk pillowcase. Amazon sells a variety of these pillowcases, which range from $7.99 to $49.99 on the online store.

Another hack in ensuring the condition of your Gucci vintage bag is the stuffing of the inside of the bag with material, especially when it is not being used. The purpose of this is to ensure that it maintains its original shape.

Secondly, cleaning the exterior of the bag without causing damage through scraps or chaffing the leather is also important. After you make use of the bag, you should always give it a gentle clean before packing it away.

Depending on the material of the bag, this will entail different steps, but all these steps involve a cloth. A variety of these wash cloths are available on Amazon, from $9.49 to $16.99.

For bags made out of canvas material, you just need to dampen the cloth and gently work your way around the bag, wiping it and leaving it to air dry ahead of packing it away.

For cotton material bags, you use your dampened cloth with the addition of a touch of washing liquid, and gently wipe the material and leave it to air dry.

However, for Gucci bags made out of leather or feature leather detailing, it is advisable to use leather lotion.

On Amazon, the best leather lotion for handbags is the Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, which costs $19.99. Similarly, you need to apply some of the solution onto a dry cloth and gently wipe the leather surface of the bag.