How much does Amazon Prime cost in South Africa?

Amazon Prime Video in South Africa costs R79 for local subscribers following the conversion from euro to rand.

South Africa is one of the countries in Africa that has a saturated market of paid subscription video-on-demand platforms. Ranging from the local versions, Showmax, Viu, and eVOD to the international platforms such as Netflix, BritBox, and Apple TV+.

Another popular international video-on-demand platform is Amazon Prime Video, which was introduced in South Africa in 2016. Initially, subscribers required an international VPN address to access the platform, but now they can do so with their local VPN address and pay R79 per month for the service.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription platform that is currently not available in South Africa. What is available, though, is the paid subscription version of Amazon Prime – Amazon Prime Video.

The video-on-demand platform allows its subscribers access to Amazon Prime’s large catalogue of movies and television shows to be streamed via the platform.

Before Prime Video was first introduced in South Africa in 2016, subscribers had to change their VPN address or have access to a Smart DNS proxy to make use of the service.

This is because the service was not available in South Africa, so it required subscribers to have an international VPN address. But now Amazon Prime Video is available directly to South Africans.

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How much does Amazon Prime cost in South Africa?

The price of the Amazon Prime Video subscription changed for the first time in 2021 for its South African subscribers since its initial launch in 2016.

Previously, subscribers were charged in dollars, and the cost of the subscription was $3, which is an estimated R45 today, taking into consideration the exchange rate. The $3 was charged for the first six months of your subscription.

After the first six months, a monthly subscription fee of $6 was charged. Converted into rands, this amounts to just over R91.

However, in November 2021, Amazon Prime Video shared a statement with South African subscribers confirming that their new subscription fee was R79 per month.

Additionally, they announced that the change would happen automatically, and subscribers were not required to change or do anything different. The cost has remained the same since the amendment was made in 2021.

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Where can I get Amazon Prime Video?

To get access to Amazon Prime Video, you need to visit their website. There you will need to sign up if you are not already a member. New subscribers get a free seven-day trial where they can browse and watch the content on the platform for free.

This trial is meant to help them decide whether or not they want to join the subscription service. After the trial, the first payment is withdrawn from your account.

Once subscribed, you will have access to the platform’s extensive movie and television show catalogue.

What can I watch on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video might be an American-based paid subscription video-on-demand platform, but the platform has a lot for South Africans too. The service is set to host two prolific 2021 films which feature South African talents.

The first is the sequel to the 1980s classic Coming to America’s Coming 2 America, which features Nomzamo Mbatha.

The second is the international debut of Thuso Mbedu in the leading role on Barry Jenkin’s Underground Railroad. Both the film and limited television series are hosted as part of the service’s on-demand catalogue.

What is better, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix?

If you are already familiar with the programming of Amazon Prime, then Amazon Prime Video might be the perfect fit for you. However, if you are not, then Netflix might be preferable over Amazon Prime Video.

The biggest reason for this is that in the past three years, Netflix has actively worked at diversifying and growing its African and South African original films and television shows.

For this reason, a Netflix subscription would provide you with more relatable content, like 2022’s trending and original reality show, Young, African and Famous or 2021’s Jiva! a limited series which was the first of its kind on South African television.

Final thoughts

Amazon Prime might not be available just yet in South Africa, but what is available is the paid subscription video-on-demand service, Amazon Prime Video, which has the same content as Amazon Prime.

The difference is that Amazon Prime airs its content in real-time, while Prime Video is a streaming service.

A subscription with Amazon Prime Video costs R79 per month. This price is the middle of the initial $3 per month for the first six months, and the increased monthly charge of $6 per month. This initial payment plan’s prices were converted into rands when payment was made.