How much does Postmates pay you?

How much delivery drivers make from Postmates, the factors that determine how you will be paid, as well as what Postmates is and how to sign up.

If you are looking into getting a job on the side or just making extra money, then you might have considered becoming a delivery driver for the Postmates delivery service. If this is true, you would need to know what the requirements are to become a driver, how much Postmates can pay you and the factors that determine how much they will pay you.

What is Postmates and how you sign up to be a delivery driver?

Postmates was established in San Francisco in 2011 and has become one of the popular ways to get food delivered to your door just like other well-known delivery apps such as Uber Eats. What makes Postmates stand out from the rest, is that you are not restricted to making orders from restaurants only. On Postmates, you can get almost anything delivered to you in less than an hour, be it stuff you forgot to pick up at a grocery store, or alcohol.

Postmates is known to offer deliveries from more than 600 000 restaurants and shops, with customers having the convenience of ordering food from restaurants, groceries, alcohol, household items as well as clothing. Postmates literally helps businesses to sell more food, with no added hassle of having their own full-time delivery people. It has made it very convenient for delivery drivers to make deliveries, as they would not need to carry cash with them everywhere they go as all payments are done via the app.

If you are considering becoming a delivery driver for Postmates, you would need to be 18 years or older with a vehicle of your own from 1988 and later. You need to have at least one year of experience driving, have a smartphone with data, speak English and be skilled at customer service. You need to be able to carry 50 pounds and go through a background check that you would need to pass.

How much money can you potentially make on Postmates in a week?

For majority of delivery drivers, they can earn on average $18 to $25 for every hour. The more hours you work in this case would mean the more potential to earn significantly more. If you are able to work forty hours a week, that is potentially between $720 and $1 000 that you are making. You essentially determine how much money you are going to make, as you are in charge of the pace in which you are working and the hours as Postmates allows you the flexibility to choose this for yourself.

The more you take on more deliveries, the more you will be boosting your earnings. This means that you can take on multiple deliveries in a single hour, if it is possible for you to do so. Postmates offers its drivers some great incentives, including that if you are able to make thirty deliveries, you will be guaranteed to earn $500. Moreover, should you not reach that amount after 30 deliveries, Postmates will make up for it. Another incentive by Postmates is earning bonuses of an additional $2 for every delivery made in certain hours.

What are the factors that determine how Postmates will pay you?

Postmates will pay you directly into your personal bank account or whichever payment method you might have selected if you had the option. They pay on a weekly basis, for the number of hours you had worked from Monday to Sunday. You also have the choice of getting paid on a daily basis through the Instant Pay option, if that is how you would rather get paid. When choosing this option, it is important to note that you would need to pay a $0.50 charge for every payment you take out.

Postmates will pay you for every time you successfully picked up an order, and for each successful delivery. You will be paid a per minute, for the time you were at a location to pick up an order, a rate for every mile travelled between pickup and delivery locations, and some bonuses that are on-going whenever you accept an order for delivery.

So when it comes to deciding if you would like to become a delivery driver for Postmates, take into consideration how you can go about increasing your chances of getting paid more money if you are willing to work extra, depending on your dedication. Consider the amount of money that you could make in a week, and the factors that will determine how Postmates will pay you for working.