How much is Disney Plus Premier Access?

Disney Plus Premier Access was introduced in 2020, giving Disney Plus users early access to movies at a charge of $30 per movie made available on Premier Access. 

When Disney Plus infiltrated the paid-subscription video-on-demand service market, it did so when the market was already saturated.

However, it cornered a niche through its extensive Disney, Marvel and Star Wars library. As a result of their extensive catalogue, it has also become a popular platform for the public.

In response to the pandemic and the closure of movie theatres during the height of the initial wave of the pandemic, Disney Pus introduced Premier Access.

An option for its subscribers to have access to new releases for the once-off payment of $30, per movie that is released on the platform.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is a paid-subscription service that was launched in November 2019. At the time, the market was already saturated with other popular paid-subscription video-on-demand streaming platforms.

However, Disney Plus set itself apart by being the home of the extensive catalogue of studio houses and network channels including Disney, Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic.

A monthly subscription to Disney Plus will cost $8 per month, or you could alternatively save by purchasing the $80 annual package. This as a month-to-month package will cost $96, before taxes.

How much is Disney Plus Premier Access?

Following the closing of movie theatres during the height of the global pandemic in the United States (US). New releases of films for Disney were initially released on Disney Plus, like Beyonce’s Black is King musical film.

However, it seems that the rollout of films produced by Disney going directly onto the platform was unsatisfactory. Therefore, the company introduced Disney Plus Premier Access.

Premier Access allows Disney Plus subscribers to have early access to new films, as they are made available on the Premier Access simultaneously as on the day of release.

The service is not an add-on to your Disney Plus, therefore, subscribers will not pay an additional monthly fee or yearly fee added to their subscription.

Instead, Disney Plus subscribers can pre-order or pay to have access to a movie made available on Premier Access for the once-off payment of $30. This means that for every movie released on Premier Access, you will pay the once-off payment of $30.

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The contention over Disney Plus Premier Access

While Disney Plus aimed to bridge the gap between the exclusivity of film releases with Premier Access, for Disney Plus subscribers, the once-off payment of $30 per movie divided subscribers.

On the one hand, subscribers questioned the once-off payment per movie suggesting it was not beneficial.

However, on the other side, some subscribers thought that this was a bargain compared to the cost of watching films at a movie theatre, which is inclusive of travelling costs and purchasing refreshments at the cinema.

What are the benefits of Premier Access?

While Premier Access and the services it offers is a matter of contention, there are also benefits to watching movies via Premier Access.

The first being that the buyer will have early access to new releases as they take a turnaround time of three months on average to land on Disney Plus.

Moreover, you will have unlimited access to movies, which you can watch through any device that is compatible with Disney Plus. This includes your laptop, touchpad or cell phone.

What movies were on Premier Access?

Premier Access was launched with the Disney live action film release of Mulan in September 2020. Not long after that, Raya and The Last Dragon followed.

The third film to be released in this promotional rollout was the Oscar-buzz worthy film, Cruella, which was released in May 2021 and featured Emma Stone in the lead role.

The last film to have had this promotional release and rollout ahead of the opening of movie theatres was Marvel’s most-anticipated film of 2021 Black Widow, which was released in July 2021.


Disney Plus has cornered the market in terms of paid-subscription video-on-demand platforms, due to its extensive on-demand library of the Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars catalogue.

This advantage has ensured that even as a later entry into the market, it is still competitive.

Another manner the platform tried to set itself apart was through the introduction of Premier Access during the height of the lockdown restrictions and closure of movie theatres.

Premier Access gave subscribers early access to Disney and Marvel movies for the once-of-payment of $30.