How much is HBO Max on Hulu?

The HBO Max add-on on Hulu costs $14.99, though it may not be ideal, considering the lack of benefits that come with the addition.

Hulu is one of the leading paid-subscription services in the United States (US), boasting an estimated 45.6 million paid subscribers in 2022.

The platform has cornered a loyal market that has subscribed to it despite the introduction of new video-on-demand platforms.

With the saturation of the on-demand streaming industry, Hulu is one of the only platforms that offer viewers add-on channels.

One of these additions include HBO Max for the price of $14.99, which, technically, is a bargain compared to what you would pay to get a separate subscription.

Which on-demand services and channels can I add with Hulu?

HBO Max is one of the streaming platforms you can add on your Hulu subscription. Other add-on services available on Hulu include Starz and Cinemax as well as Disney+ and ESPN+.

All the add-ons are priced differently, with the additional cost added to the price of your chosen Hulu subscription package.

Therefore, it is important to research the costs and benefits of adding a channel or on-demand service to your subscription, rather than just getting a separate subscription before making the final decision.

How much is HBO Max on Hulu?

Adding HBO Max to your Hulu subscription costs $14.99. If you are already paying a monthly subscription fee of $6.99 per month for Hulu with ads supported, you will pay just under $27 per month in total for a Hulu HBO Max subscription.

Before making the decision to do this, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of getting a Hulu HBO Max subscription versus getting an HBO Max subscription separately.

Firstly, the $14.99 monthly cost for HBO Max as a Hulu add-on is the package without ads. The ad-supported HBO Max independent subscription package costs $9.99 per month. Therefore, it is more affordable to purchase a separate HBO Max subscription.

Secondly, while HBO Max is available on Hulu after being added to Hulu, HBO Max channel does not have the entire catalogue available on HBO Max’s independent subscription packages.

Therefore, if you want to watch exclusive HBO Max content, you need to download HBO Max service separately. You can use your Hulu login details on HBO Max to enjoy access to the exclusive content.

This means, in essence, that you still need to download HBO Max as a separate app in order to access its exclusive content. If this sounds like a viable plan to you, the next step is figuring out how to add HBO Max on Hulu.

Add HBO Max to your Hulu account here.

Steps to add HBO Max on Hulu

Adding HBO Max as part of your Hulu subscription package is an easy six-step process, and the steps are as follows:

  1. Visit Hulu, and log in if required
  2. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner
  3. Click on “Account,” and find the “Your Subscription” option
  4. Click on “Manage Add-ons”
  5. Click the “+” icon next to HBO Max
  6. Confirm the subscription change

The change you make will be reflected in the next month’s Hulu subscription cost and bill.

Is Hulu expensive?

Hulu is competitively priced compared to other leading paid subscription video-on-demand platforms.

There are currently three available streaming packages offered to viewers, and they can choose between the monthly ad-supported subscription package priced at $6.99, or the annual ad-supported subscription package priced at $69.99 or the non-ad supported monthly subscription package of $12.99.

There is a package that will cater to everyone’s specific budget limitations. Moreover, Hulu offers Hulu + Live TV packages for which details are shared here.

Start your free trial on Hulu here.

What is the relationship between Hulu and HBO Max?

Hulu is owned by The Walt Disney Company and Comcast, which is why the on-demand platform has  add-on channels from other on-demand streaming services like Disney+ and ESPN+, which are also part of The Walt Disney Company’s brand ownership.

In terms of HBO Max and its relation to Hulu, in 2019, it was reported that AT&T, which had stakes in Hulu and HBO Max, sold its stake in Hulu via HBO Max’s WarnerMedia to focus on working on HBO Max, which could be the reason the two on-demand services have an established relationship.