How much is Netflix per month in SA?

Netflix is one of South Africa’s popular paid subscription video-on-demand platforms offering four different packages, with the standard package costing R159 per month.


Television ratings in South Africa have seen a steady decline in recent years, which in part is considered as a result of the influx and growing popularity of paid subscription video-on-demand platforms locally. As a result, in recent years, the influx has changed viewing trends and patterns.

While internationally, there are a plethora of popular choices to choose from when selecting one or more platforms to use.

Locally, the market is dominated by two video-on-demand platforms, namely, the local paid subscription video-on-demand platform, Showmax and the United States original platform, Netflix.

What is Netflix?

Netflix was founded in 1997 as Netflix Inc. by American entrepreneurs Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

While in the years after, the company began working on the fundamentals that would bolster its popularity in the years to come, it was in 2007 that Netflix made its first move to becoming the brand we know today.

This is as it began offering its subscribers the option to view its library of movies and television shows from the comfort of their homes.

In 2010, it then offered a streaming only plan and began to spread its influence outside of the United States.

By 2016, the platform was available across 190 countries, and has continued to grow with an estimated average of 200 million subscribers in 2021.

How much is Netflix per month in SA?

Netflix was introduced to South Africa in 2016. When it was first introduced, the paid-subscription platform only offered international content which leaned heavily on US original movies and films.

However, in 2020, the platform marked the beginning of creating local and continental original content with the premiere of Netflix’s first original African series, Queen Sono, featuring our very own Pearl Thusi in the lead role.

This push to include local original content propelled the streaming services popularity.

Currently, Netflix offers two primary packages. The first is the standard package which costs R159 per month.

The package allows you to view content from the platform from two devices simultaneously, whether one being the television and the other being through the phone.

Alternatively, you can pay for the premium package at a cost of R199 per month. The premium package includes the use of four different devices and access to HD viewing of the shows and films available.

Netflix’s mobile plans

Moreover, besides the two primary packages. In 2020, Netflix first began to test out the option of offering mobile payment packages.

The packages were aimed at people who only viewed the platform’s content through their smartphones and tablets, and not the television or laptop.

Initially, the packages were priced at R39 for the standard package and the premium package was priced at R59.

However, due to its popularity, it stayed after the probation phase and is now priced at R49 per month for the standard package, and R99 for the basic Netflix package, which allows you to stream from only a single device.

What was the first Netflix Africa original series?

In 2020, Netflix launched a marketing campaign introducing its move to invest in African original content.

The marketing campaign featured some of the biggest names in the film and television industry, including South Africa’s Bontle Modiselle and Pearl Thusi.

Modiselle would be behind Africa’s first dance series JIVA!, which premiered in 2021. Pearl Thusi, on the other hand, would front the first-ever Netflix African original series Queen Sono in 2020.

Despite the success of the first season, season two was cancelled due to the first wave of the pandemic and the uncertainty in the film and television industry at the time.

What is South Africa’s longest running Netflix original series?

While Queen Sono might have been the first Netflix African original series, teen-drama series, Blood & Water was not only a local and international commercial success, but the series has also become the longest running South African Netflix original series. Blood & Water has two seasons in total.

The first airing in 2020, during the height of the lockdown restrictions, and season two was made available in 2021. When it came to season two, the fans were conflicted.

The result is the continued silence on whether there will be a third season of the series or not, even though the second season ended with multiple cliffhangers.

Final thoughts

In South Africa, Netflix is one of the two most popular paid-subscription video-on-demand platforms, along with the local platform, Showmax. Each offering a large part of its content based on its country of origin, meaning Netflix has predominantly US original content.

Moreover, Netflix offers four monthly payment packages. From the R49 per month mobile plan, the R99 per month basic plan, the R149 per month standard plan, to the premium package costing R199 per month and enabling four devices to run the app simultaneously.