How old is Mpho from Generations: The Legacy?

Junior Singo, who portrays Mpho on SABC 1’s Generations: The Legacy, is a 31-year-old actor who is often mistaken for being much younger because of his character and looks.

Junior Singo is widely known for his character on the popular SABC 1 weeknight soapie, Generations: The Legacy, Mpho. Despite being 31 years old, Junior is often believed to be much younger, given his youthful appearance and young character on the show. The actor is also short in stature, making viewers believe that he is in his late teens or early twenties.

Junior consistently shares throwback images of himself on Instagram, referencing his earlier years in the entertainment industry. Many believe that his current appearance is similar to how he looked when he was much younger, adding to the speculation about his age. Junior is married to Lusanda Mtongana and has a daughter named Ayamah. Along with being an actor, he is also an aspiring musician, and has spent a significant amount of time working on new music in 2020.