How real is the Expedition Bigfoot TV show?

The Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot hired actual qualified researchers to investigate a mythical figure, which is the reason the show’s genuineness has been questioned.

In March 2022, one of the most popular and curious reality shows on the Travel Channel, Expedition Bigfoot, returned for its third season. The original cast of the popular reality show also returned for the third season, which concluded in June 2022.

Despite a third season, the show still has to answer questions from the public about the validity of their pursuit of Bigfoot. The cast and crew have continued to affirm that Bigfoot is real.

This is despite the fact that they have not had any proof of Bigfoot in the three seasons of the show, just “almost” sightings that they have not been able to capture on camera.

Where can I watch Expedition Bigfoot?

Expedition Bigfoot
Description “Harrowing experience and pioneering endeavor in an undisclosed, remote location in a 90,000-acre swath of land in central Oregon.” –IMDb
Cast members Mireya Mayor, Russell Acord, Ronny LeBlanc, Bryce Johnson, and Ryan Golembeske
Seasons Three
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How real is the Expedition Bigfoot TV show?

Season three of Expedition Bigfoot returned with its complete original cast including Miami-born primatologist and head of the research, Mireya Mayor, who, for three seasons, has worked alongside survivalist, Russell Acord, Bigfoot researcher, Ronny LeBlanc, host, Bryce Johnson, and Bigfoot investigator, Ryan Golembeske.

The return of the show meant the team also returned to their investigation for evidence of bigfoot. Unfortunately, they had to abandon their research during the second season of the show when the Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula destructive wildfires of 2021 started.

Though the third season has concluded, the team is nowhere near finding conclusive proof of the existence of bigfoot. This trend has meant that they continually have to confront questions about the authenticity of their research and the premise of the show.

But what has been highlighted on the show is that the experts that double as the main cast actually believe in their research project. Whether there is a real bigfoot out there or not is a matter of perspective.

Therefore, in terms of the “realness” of the show, it is as real as the beliefs of the main cast members. Similarly to how prior to the first season, the reality show was promoted through publicising the fact that Mayor is credited with the co-discovery of the smallest primate, the lemur.

So, it can be said that if she did not believe in that possibility, she would not have made the discovery, in the same way that she believes that bigfoot exists now, which has led her to become the helm of the reality series since its inception.

Mireya Mayor on validity of Expedition Bigfoot

Before season three, Mireya Mayor conducted an interview where she discussed the validity of their research in light of the mounting backlash regarding the authenticity of the show.

Mayor spoke to the involvement of acclaimed primatologist and anthropologist, Dame Jane Goodall who corroborated their investigation by verifying their research. Goodall was quoted as stating:

“Her response is that it is very possible this is a species far more intelligent than we possibly imagined, and they are burying their bodies in a way we cannot find. The truth is, with that response, there is this tendency with us humans to position ourselves at the top of the food chain, the hierarchy of intelligence in the animal kingdom, but we know enough now to know that is not the case, and there could be creatures far more intelligent, far more sophisticated, far more adapted to living life in the woods that we are not privy to.”

Fans weigh in on Expedition Bigfoot’s authenticity

Most viewers of the show believe that the show’s premise is entirely false, but they also seem to be captured by the cliffhangers and continuous teasers of the possibility of conclusive proof that bigfoot exists. As such, the show-related comments are polarised.

One comment on IMDb read, “If I did believe in Bigfoot, this team would make me change my mind. Yes, they’re that goofy. I’m still not sure why I watched it. Everything is a sign of Bigfoot. I’m not sure who’s more ridiculous, Ronny or Russell.”

Another comment read, “At first I really liked this, then it got so annoying when they would get so close then run the opposite direction. What!? Really?! You are there to find them, not run every time you supposedly see them.”

Is there going to be an Expedition Bigfoot season four?

Despite the contention about the validity of the premise of Expedition Bigfoot, the show has proven to be a winner for the Travel Channel.

A fourth season of the show has already been confirmed, despite the fact that season three concluded just a couple of weeks ago in June 2022. In the upcoming season, the cast will travel to Alaska to find evidence of bigfoot.