How Sjava’s pants overshadowed maskandi versus hip-hop soccer match

The maskandi versus hip-hop celebrity soccer match was a highlight on the social calendar for multiple reasons, but it was Sjava’s pants which stole the show.

Big Zulu took to Twitter on Tuesday, 10 August 2021, to confirm the maskandi versus hip-hop celebrity soccer match took place. The match is believed to have been the brainchild of the iNkabi rapper and leading maskandi musician, Khuzani. The two enlisted their friends and leading musicians in their respective genres to participate.

Arguably, the interest was on the hip-hop team. Big Zulu managed to enlist artists such as Sjava, Touchline, Kwesta, Kid X, AKA, Riky Rick and, surprisingly, Zakes Bantwini. One would have believed that the interest would be in the enlisting of AKA, as he is gradually working his way back into the mainstream entertainment industry, following the passing of his customary wife, Anele “Nelli” Tembe.

However, AKA was strategic in the manner in which he promoted his feature and the soccer match, which was livestreamed. AKA shared his experiences through the social media page of his management company, the T Effect, rather than share the experience on his own page and spark unwanted attention and commentary.

The result at the end of the match was the hip-hop team’s 4-3 win, which was reached after penalties. There were multiple highlights from the match, including Lindough holding the trophy and social media users comparing the height of the trophy to that of the petite musician. Moreover, following the win, JR Bogopa revealed that he sponsored the official winning cup.

However, the matter which drew the biggest comments was the matter of Sjava’s pants. The Umqhele creator’s pants were drooping throughout, ultimately showcasing his posterior. When asked about the reason for his drooping pants, Sjava jokingly claimed to be carrying the team’s lucky charm.

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