How The Price Is Right chooses its contestants

The Price Is Right chooses its contestants by conducting interviews and watching the show’s audience members very carefully.

The Price is Right has featured thousands of contestants in the last five decades and many people still dream about competing on the show to this day.

In order to get on The Price Is Right, you will need to buy a ticket to the show, and then hope that the producers choose you out of the hundreds of other audience members.

All about The Price Is Right

Although there is a myriad of game shows on television, The Price Is Right is certainly one of the most popular.

This CBS fan-favorite game show has aired over 9000 episodes and has earned the title of the longest-running game show (and one of the longest running network shows) in the United States, after more than five decades on the air.

Still, thousands of contestants and viewers still line up, both outside of CBS Television City in Los Angeles and at home in front of their televisions, to see who the next person will be that is called to “Come on down!” and compete for the chance to win some of the show’s spectacular prizes.

How The Price Is Right chooses its contestants

The Price Is Right’s contestant-selection process is much more complicated than you might expect.

In order to be picked to be on The Price is Right, you first need to buy a ticket to see the show. But simply showing up for the taping does not guarantee that you will be one of the contestants chosen to compete for the show’s prizes.

The Price Is Right producers carefully choose nine contestants who will be called to “Come on down!” out of the over 300 audience members who show up to tape each of the show’s episodes.

They do this by interviewing every single audience member before the filming starts.

Stan Blits is the co-producer on The Price Is Right who conducts the pre-show interviews with the potential contestants.

He describes the interview process as being similar to speed dating, but a Young Hollywood behind-the-scenes tour of The Price Is Right studio revealed that the show’s producers keep a close eye on audience members long after these interviews have finished.

The director of The Price Is Right, Adam Sandler, revealed that the show’s secret is choosing people who “look like they are ready to have a good time” during their time on air.

Blits confirmed this in a 2013 interview, saying that he looks for “energy, sincerity and potential humor” when he is conducting the interviews.

How long does the contestant selection process take?

If you have ever tried your luck at getting onto The Price Is Right, you will already know that aspiring contestants usually line up hours (and even days) before a show.

Registration opens about 3 hours before the show starts. But once Blits and his team have conducted all of their pre-show interviews, they reportedly only take about 30 minutes before the show to narrow down their list of potential contestants to a select cohort of people.

Casting choices for The Price Is Right can change last minute

If you have dreamed about being on The Price is Right for a long time and you are lucky enough to make it into the studio on filming day, it is important to remember that the show’s casting choices are often only finalized minutes before contestants’ names are called.

This means that Blits and the other The Price Is Right producers are still scanning the audience for possible contestants even after the 300-member live show audience has flooded the show’s studio.

The best tips for getting on The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right has certainly fine-tuned its contestant selection process over the years and there is really no way to guarantee that you will be chosen out of the hundreds of audience members who show up to the taping of each episode.

However, The Price Is Right is still a television program, so there are some tips that can help you to stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, it is important to remember that much of the show’s entertainment comes from its contestants.

Thus, it is important to showcase the most fun, energetic and entertaining aspects of your personality when you know that the producers are watching.

But at The Price Is Right, the producers are watching the audience the entire time. This is why it is also important to follow Austin Castro’s (a previous The Price Is Right winner) advice, which is to just be your authentic, genuine self.

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