A guide on how to become a Mr Price model

To become a Mr Price model, start by signing with a model agency, or alternatively, turn social media into your modelling portfolio, ahead of applying with the e-application form.

Becoming a Mr Price is one of the most sought-after campaign jobs for most models. This is as the opportunity can open to other more lucrative modelling and campaign jobs in the future. Applying is easy, as there is an e-application form shared yearly.

However, being selected is the hard part, which is dependent on you, the model, increasing your visibility and popularity ahead of applying.

This can be achieved through a model agency, which will apply for you, after you have signed up to join their team. Alternatively, you can use social media to promote yourself with the brand.

How to select the ideal model agency

In order to stand a better chance of becoming a Mr Price model, when you’re thinking about a model agency to sign up with, it is important to take into consideration which modelling agency the company prefers.

Most brands tend to have go-to agencies that they like to work with when looking for new models. Similarly, Mr Price has the same standard procedure.

Therefore, if the big dream is to land a Mr Price campaign, then it would be wise to affiliate yourself with its lead modelling agency, which would increase your chances.

What is the alternative to signing to a modelling agency?

If going the traditional route of signing with a modelling agency does not seem appealing to you, there are alternatives. For instance, you can use social media as a vehicle to live out your dream.

Modelling agencies and fashion brands in recent years have looked to social media to find undiscovered models.

This is following the discovery of models like Anok Yai, who became a supermodel from a single viral picture that was posted of her while she was at a festival.

Similarly, if you are looking to be a Mr Price model without the assistance of a modelling agency, social media is at your disposal.

You should continually post contemporary images, and not just for yourself, but images where you are wearing Mr Price products. Moreover, don’t forget to tag the company.

The more engagement and popularity you receive for your posts, the greater your chances are for being recognised by the brand, and hopefully, it will want to endorse you to become a model.

Ensure you fit the brand ethos

A sometimes-harsh truth that needs to be taken into consideration is the awareness of whether you fit the brand or not. Mr Price models are usually fit and have a unique look about them, whether it is their stylistic choices or features.

Therefore, as an aspiring Mr Price model, it is important to think about whether your physique and style matches that of Mr Price models that you look up to or are inspired by, in order to know the realistic chance you stand to be one of them.

Conducting research is key

If the article has not indicated this point before, you must remember, research is key for anyone, models included.

If you want to become a Mr Price model, researching the company’s history, its ethos, and matters already highlighted like previous models, modelling agencies used and how to apply is key.

Thereafter, it is up to you to reach out to people and contacts that you can, in order for them to either help guide or co-sign your dreams in order to place you in better standing to get the opportunity.

Where do I apply to become a Mr Price model?

With your research conducted and the work put in to ensure that you stand out when applying for the position, the last step that is in your hands is applying for the modelling job.

Mr Price has made this easy, especially for independent models by creating an e-application form.

The e-application form is revised annually, therefore, the current application form is for 2021. This means that the form will be updated again in the coming new year. To access the e-application form, click here.


Considering that Mr Price is one of the most popular fast-fashion brands in the country, it is no surprise that being a model for the brand is one of the most sought-after positions.

That being said, it requires research, visibility and hard work in order to increase your chances of being one of the Mr Price models.

This is as applying for the job is as easy as signing with a modelling agency, preferably one that already works with Mr Price. Alternatively, for independent models without representation, there is an online application form made available all year round.