How to get 5 000 followers on Instagram

Unless you buy an Instagram account with 5 000 followers, to get the followers will require you finding a niche, engaging and being consistent to achieve the milestone.


Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media apps. While for some, the app is a place to share images and videos, and sometimes a form of storing memories which otherwise would be lost, it has also become a revenue generating platform with the rise of influencers.

As a result, there are rankings in order to gauge the extent of your influence via Instagram. A social media user with 5 000 followers is considered a micro influencer, making compensation possible for paid posts.

Below we will discuss how you can organically grow your account in a matter of months.

Problematising the use of bots or buying an Instagram account

One easy and quick way one could go from having two followers on Instagram to 5 000 and more, is through the practice of buying an already existing Instagram account.

This is as it allows for you to cheat the system. However, the problem with the practice, besides it being unethical, is that in most cases, the followers have pre-existing expectations of the page.

Therefore, if your posts do not match the already established look and feel of the page, you risk losing followers and engagement, which reflects badly on analytics.

Similar to the use of bots, they usually work with accounts with an already large following. However, if the following is sizable, the comments from bots are easier to pick up, which only highlights that your account does not have organic followers.

How to get 5 000 followers on Instagram

As seen in writings and testimonials from people who have grown their Instagram accounts organically, the first rule highlighted in ensuring that you reach your goal is patience.

If you are planning to grow your Instagram following, it is important to acknowledge that it will take some time.

For some, this has been made easier in recent years due to the pandemic, which forced many to be homebound and as a result of having ample free time, used it in order to grow their market.

As the world opens up, this is no longer the case. Therefore, you should be willing to commit an average of two to four hours at the beginning in order to first grow your account.

Once you have reached your goal, maintaining the account will require less time, as the actions are already practiced and familiar.

Below we share three universal tips to help you grow your Instagram account to over 5 000 followers in a matter of months.

1. Quality of visuals and captions used

It should go without saying that the quality of the images, videos and visuals used on your Instagram is key to growing your account. Therefore, it is important to also consider the overall look and feel of your timeline.

One way popular Instagrammers have done this is through choosing an overarching filter or tone for their page, which they will use either consistently or seasonally.

In extension, it is important to consider the type of tone created when writing your supporting captions. Creating consistency in this regard is key, as it provides a definite character, like how Beyonce does not use captions.

2. Consistency is key

Consistency, especially earlier in the journey of growing your following is essential. This as it is advised that when you are starting out, you will need to post on average three to four times a day. This helps with the algorithms on Instagram which will make your page more visible.

An unknown but sometimes unspoken rule about Instagram is the fact that the social media app appreciates consistency, not only that, but it rewards it.

Therefore, if you are consistent with posting, your page will appear more on the timeline, thus inviting new followers. In time, you can post less as you reach your initial milestone, and the rest of the effort is aimed at maintaining the account.

3. Engagement is essential

Instagram, like most popular social media apps, hinges on engagement. Therefore, besides posting consistently, it is important to engage with your followers and the people you are following.

Whether in the comments section of your post, or liking and commenting on other people’s posts, do it!

Besides engaging with the followers on your account, another trick is seeking groups on the app through hashtags. The practice introduces you to a new audience and possible new followers.

Moreover, it allows you to see how accounts that match yours in intention curate their pages, which can be used as inspiration for your page.

Final thoughts

The fun and commerciality of Instagram, like most social media apps, is based on how popular and influential the specific account is.

For people just getting started, it might seem like a daunting task growing an account with just 100 followers to 5 000, but it is not. That being said, it will call on you to be ready to put in the work.

First, you will be required to have patience, as growing a social media account organically requires months of investing in the purpose.

Thereafter, you will be required to be consistent in your posts, to engage with other accounts and be aware of what type of timeline you are creating.