How to get a TikTok Stream Key

To get a Stream Key on TikTok, you need to apply for it and it may or may not be approved based on three primary factors.

The livestreaming industry is continually expanding its reach. One way that the industry has expanded exponentially is through its incorporation into popular social media apps. The most recent social media app that introduced live streaming is TikTok.

First rolled out in May 2021, the feature allows for a new way for popular content creators on the app to connect with their followers.

Additionally, the feature allows gamers to grow their following as they can livestream from TikTok. In order to gain access to the Stream Key feature, you have to apply for the feature and your application may or may not be approved based on three primary requirements.

Can I stream on TikTok without a Stream Key?

Following the advent and popularity of the Stream Key, TikTok created another feature that allows select users to livestream on the platform without a Stream Key. The feature is known as “Mobile Gaming.”

The feature allows users that have applied and been approved to livestream gaming content from their decoders directly onto their TikTok livestreaming feature.

The only snag is that the feature is only provided to TikTok content creators that have already applied and are awaiting the outcome regarding their Stream Key. A detailed explanation of the Mobile Gaming livestream feature is shared here.

How to get a TikTok Stream Key

Stream Key on TikTok is advantageous because of the features that come with it. Previously, content creators, especially gaming content creators, had to record their screens and share the recording with their followers on TikTok.

This affected the quality of the video and audio and did not allow efficient interaction required for an effective live stream.With the introduction of the Stream Key, this has completely changed. The feature, apparently, has the same properties as Twitch livestreams.

This means you can decide how many screens appear during a livestream, whether the display screen is vertical or horizontal, and you can open a chat box to interact with people watching the livestream live.

To get the Stream Key feature, you MUST apply for the feature. After your application has been picked up, one of the TikTok moderators will visit your account and make a decision based on whether or not your page fulfils the requirements for TikTok to approve your application.

Currently, it is understood that there are three primary requirements that a TikTok user needs to meet to be approved.

However, since TikTok uses real people to moderate and approve applications, there is no science to their approval system, meaning that you may be lucky and get approval. The requirements include:

1. Number of followers

One of the requirements that contribute to whether your application for a Stream Key is approved or not is the number of followers you have.

However, the app does not state a fixed number of followers that you must have to qualify, although the minimum requirement for the number of followers you have is 1 000 followers or more.

Thereafter, the other requirements further support or aid your application.

2. Consistency is key

The second deciding factor in whether your application for a Stream Key is approved or not is the content creator’s consistency, which is a two-tiered consideration. The first implication is how consistently you post to your timeline. An average of two posts a day should suffice.

The second implication is the type of content you share. It is important that the type of content you post remains consistent to give the moderator an idea of the content you will be livestreaming should your application be approved. Overall consistency is key.

3. Preference sways towards gamers

The third consideration is whether you are a gaming content creator or not. It is not to say that if you are not, the TikTok moderator will not approve your application.

However, preference seems to be given to gaming content creators as the introduction of the feature was advanced by requests from gamers who sought the same interactivity that they were offered on platforms like Twitch.

Additionally, it is important to share videos on the platform that gives moderators a glimpse of how you would use the Stream Key feature on TikTok.

This allows the moderator to gauge whether or not you need the feature to drive engagement and grow your following.